Pavilions on the wall of the Grand Palace
Pavilions on the wall of the Grand Palace
On the eastern wall of the Grand Palace there are two buildings. They are

  • Phra-Thinang Sutthaisawan
  • Between Thewaphithak and Sakchaisit Gates on the eastern wall of the Grand Palace a pavilion was built in imitation of Phra-Thinang Chakrawat Phaichayont on the wall of the Royal Palace in Ayutthaya. When it was first built during the reign of King Rama I, it was only an open-wooden pavilion without any roof decorations. It was then called "Phra-Thinang Phlapphlasung" from which the king watched parades and the training of elephants.
    King Rama III had the original pulled down to replace it with a Prasat in brick and mortar, as a public audience hall where he was to receive the public from the balcony. On the eastern side there is a wooden gallery added in 1949 with a special window called Sihabanchon from with the King gives audience to the public. The roof is in five tiers with a Mondop finial while the roofs of the front and rear porches are in two tiers. The side porches which are longer have roofs in four tiers. There is no niche above the doors or windows. When it is fully opened it is almost like an open pavilion. Originally King Rama III called it Phra-Thinang Sutthasawan but later King Rama IV changed the name to Phra-Thinang Sutthaisawan.

  • Phra-Thinang Chaichumphon
  • This small pavilion has a roof of two-tiers covered with tin with the usual decorations in black laquer and glass mosaic. King Rama IV built it so that he might observe processions to the Brahmin shrines. It was as a site for the worship of Phra Siam Devadhiraj and other heavenly beings during the reign of King Rama V.

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