Phra-Thinang Siwalai Maha Prasat

Klom Klao Tru" Gate between the inner court and Siwalai Garden, an imitation of Chinese architecture

Painting of Chinese angels on the panels of "Mangkon Len Lom" Gate in Siwalai Garden
Phra-Thinang Siwalai Maha Prasat
Situated at the south-eastern corner of Siwalai Garden within the inner compound of the court is an edifice with five Prasat spires. These spires are in Mondop style with seven tiers, built during the reign og King Chulalongkorn, to enshrine the statues of four previous kings, which had been forcasted in 1869.
Later King Rama VI had the statues transferred to Prasat Phra Thep Bidon, in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and commenced the ceremony of paying homage to the statues on the 6th April in 1918, which is observed annually up to the present time. Since then Siwalai Maha Prasat has been left vacant.
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