I don't know exactly how to describe this. I do find it interesting that Dan is always the female. I wonder...j/k

The $40 Kiss. I don't know how to explain this one either, I think the picture says it all!

From Dan:

I was just lying in bed about to fall asleep. You know, almost asleep, but not quite out. All of a sudden, out of the blue I remembered watching the Costa Ricans at Arenal. Remember, we were about ready to leave, all of us in our last set of clean clothes, and what do they do? They start picking each other up and carrying the victim out on to the muddy soccer field, kicking and screaming, and preceded to roll said person back and forth in six inches of muck. (Ring a bell?) After that, they would carry the now dirty person to the pool and pitch them in to clean them off (for the bus ride home of course!) I remembered in particular when they tried to grab Monica and Alex (her ever faithful Boyfriend), went over to try and break them up. Instead, he became a much greater quarry and took her place. well, this mental movie replayed itself a couple times, and finally I decided that if I didn't share this memory I wouldn't sleep at all tonite. So I'm telling all of you. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Until I wane sentimental Again,Dan. P.S.-I'm kinda tired, so if this didn't make much sense that's why. I'm also in kinda funny mood caused by far too much snow and school and far too little spanish and too few rides on TAGADA! -DO