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A Community Of GeoCitizen's

Welcome to the Geocitizens Webring!
This webring is set up so that the different
neighborhoods of Geocities can join together
in a spirit of unity and community. The only
requirement for inclusion in the ring is that you
have a site in Geocities.
It is hoped that this webring will lead to a stronger
bond among those of us who make up the Community of
Geocities, and maybe even some friendships!
If you have any questions or comments, please
feel free to send them along!

After you fill out the form below you will recive an e-mail, with the HTML
code attached, copy & paste this to your site and don't forget to change
(i.e.your_e-mail_here, your_name_here, your_ring_id_here). Dont' forget
to download the graphic, also, to your webpage. After this is done please
e-mail me and I will check your site and then add you to the Ring!
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right click on the graphic below.
If you need to edit your site information, just use this handy form.
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