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Paul Berkson was currently the Interactive Marketing Manager at Bernard Hodes Advertising. He worked closely with all levels of the organization to shape and guide their clients with the perfect online mix.

Paul Berkson got his start in the Internet Industry before it was even considered an industry, working with Dialog Data Retrieval. While spearheading their transition from a dial-up service to a full Internet portal, with web based searching capabilities, Paul recognized the web as it started to emerge into a viable commercial tool.

After Dialog, Paul relocated to Jumbo, Inc., as a National Account Manager, where he increased's web advertising sales by over 15% in three months. .

Upon leaving Jumbo, Inc., Paul accepted a position with Fortune City, Inc., a European company opening up an American office. As a European company, Fortune City brought in Paul to manage the transition from a European background to the American net culture. Paul vaulted to the forefront of the "hosted home-page community" sector, and now has over one million members

Most recently, Paul has been the Interactive Marketing Director for, a major retail company dedicated to the home decor market. Their focus was becoming a major player in the competitive e-commerce field. More than simply creative marketing initiatives and branding campaigns, Paul introduced to the concept of "Strategic Interactive Marketing," creating deals with various companies that would enhance's presence, and promote the site to it's target audience.

His experience as's Senior Web Strategist enabled him to work with the two most popular brands in the world. Paul is one of the original web marketing and advertising "pioneers," bringing numerous websites and online companies to the top of their respective fields.

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