Hi...glad you stopped in - be sure to bookmark this page for future references and ideas. Several Christmas Links will be listed through out this page...Enjoy..

Let's begin..... #1 suggestion for all ages is a big HUG

Albums for cards (sport)

Nintindo 64 and Play station are very popular for ages 10 thru Adults!!!

CD's for teens/CD player

Old Jim's Christmas pages

A pager or some teens call it a beeper is great for parents and teens, reminds them to call home ...smile* and latest is a cell phone.

Internet service and their own phone line (for teens or Adults)

Computers are expensive, ...make great gifts for all ages even Young Senior citizens

A Geocities/yahoo Web page account which advertises 10 mg for a reasonable price.

(teens and adults)A photo session of family or individual certificate. What about some nice personalized Christmas Ornaments, from Winnie the Pooh to choo choo trains ranging from 5 dollars to 30 dollars. Stuffed Animals are great too, but for the little kids, make sure that they have no removable parts and are child safe!...

If you happen to have a teen who has everything..try paying for his/her car insurance for one month for one of his presents. Of course, I hope you are not doing that already.

Visit North Pole Another suggestion for a teen is a personlized licence plate.

and then there is the Legend of the Rainbow, which is good for any season...smile* Legend of a Rainbow

Some teens are into Rap music, so when it comes to music make sure you have the right title and best way is to ask the teen now, who or what group he/she likes etc. Don't hesitate, they will really feel excited that you showed interest in their taste of music.

Remember to Give to the Needy, not only at Christmas time but all YEAR around...

Now for the tiny tots...

Book,Clothes, Fisher Price toys, (because they do have quality) pictures and children's video movies.

A great book for kids and adults is 'kids rule the net', which will answer a lot of simple questions. Pokomo Dolls and any Toy Store items seems to be number one on children's list, and for all college students in your family...Money seems to be the right choice and concert tickets to their favorite group or single performer.

Below is a pic of me and my two sons, Eric who is 21 is in the Navy. stationed in Hawaii. Robbie is 17 and a Senior in High School in Indiana.


Eric and Robbie

My son is currently out of the service and living in Tulsa Ok with Lisa and My first Grandchild...Makayla Raine, and Cameron and Amber too. Pics will be posted soon.

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