In Tune


I don't remember when I first began

To call you 'friend'. One day, I only know

The vague companionship that I'd seen grow

So imperceptibly, turned gold, and ran

In tune with all I'd thought , or dared to plan.

Since then, you've been to me like music, low,

Yet clear; a fire that throws its warm, bright glow

On me as on each woman, child, and man,

And common thing that lies within its rays;

You've been like wholesome food that stays the cry

Of hungry, groping minds; and like a star~

A self-sufficient star~you make me raise

My utmost being to a higher sky,

In tune, like you, with earth, yet wide,

and far.

~Florence Steigerwalt.

A Hidden Place


Credit for background goes to: 4u