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From E.A. Edward to Mittie

Perrysville October 5, 1862

This is the Sabath, but they have put me on guard. Not withstanding my conscience does not tell me that it is the right thing to do duty on Gods holy day, especially when it is not necessary, but as here we have no churches to attend, we must needs improve to him in some manner, I trust that when I worte to you on the Sabath that it will be no violation of the command "Remember the Sabath day to keep it holy." How would I love this morning to be at my own home and to be allowed to go to church with my own dear sisters, but such can not be. From purely patriotic motives I volunteered in the service of my country, this exiling myself from my friends and home, and going where danger was imminent, and where darts of death were hurled by savage foes, behold in human form. Traitor to their country, the foes of peace and quietude who even would disturb a nations onward progress deluging our fair land with the blood of her best citizens, emptying her treasury and making her fields desolate. Are not the people tired of this long protracted struggle? Yes, but what care the instigators of great rebellion for the good of the people, what care they for the cries of suffering women and men wounded in battle. They have begun the war without an object by misrepresentations and threats they have mastered a large army and with desperation they are still pushing their hopeless cause, hopeless because unjust and unholy. God will give them their reward.

For my own part I would rather be back in my own native living in the cultivation of the arts of peace, or twining the Myrtle wreaths with the girls I love so well, your own self dear Mittie amont(sic) the number than plucking the blood red blossoms of war from the gardens of battle, but such is destiny. Eighteen months have I passed in the army of my country, so one half of my term (3 years) is past, (may the rest pass as quickly). Our regt. never gets into any fights, so I guess there is no danger of my getting killed before my time comes. We just got to Perrysville in time to see the battle in the distance our division was not engaged, (except the artillery of our Brigade) we were there and ready but Buell did not give us orders to advance notwithstanding our Generals Wagner, Ward, Crittenden and Thomas were all very eager to advancing our division one mile and a quarter without orders. We got there one of Buells aids came with orders for us to stop. The next day we went thru town, Secesh had slid out, skeedadled. The town was deserted, many houses were marked with cannon balls. We camped about a mile out of town. I did not go over the battle field, but was told that it exceeded to take the same horrid sight to tell of and I was not anxious to see further. But I will cease talking of such things lest I worry you tho I know your power of endurance must be great or you would have got tired the day we went through your town. I have passed thru many towns since I started out soldiering, Fairfield was a place that to me had no charms of itself. I was getting tired of the place and beginning to wish that we would be ordered on but strollin around I came to where Joe, Sam and Frank were and then found outh that you lived there. "A stranger I was and you took me in." Thanks for your kind treatment of me in that shortime, I will remember you forever. When I look back over the land of my pilgramage my eyes will rest with pleasure on Fairfield as the place which I found such kind friends. The boys Sam,Joe, Frank & Will are all well and send their best respects to you all. We are now on the march South I think to Nashville and we may not be back this far into Ky. for some time but yet can write and thus through the medium of the pen cultivate the friendship which was begun at your own loved home, I send my love to all your folks.

Chris and all the rest, I want to hear from you and hop you will write to me when you receive this ill conceived and poorly written epistle. Tell all the little girls that were at your house and remember me that I still think of them and willgive them a seat in my memory that time cannot destroy. Tho I amy forget their names in my long absence yet the memory of their happy faces & sparkling eyes will still be fresh to me. My sheet is nearly full, and it is about time to go on. Evening is here now and it is growing cold I look for snow. We have no tents yet but I supose we will get them before long. I would have written more to you but I was on guard and what I did write was during intervals where I was not on post. Consequently I was not very well fixed and wrote in a great hurry laboring under many disadvantages. Write and I promise you to do better the next time I write. "so saying he putteth away his pen and ink and seals his epistle." Yours Ever, Ed Dear Friend We are now in camp, of my promise to write made one day when at your house in fairfield this was nearly a month since, and since then I have been constantly on the march otherwise employed in the duties of camp. Our division followed the rebels as far as Wild Cat and staid there only a day or two when they marched back through Crab Orchard & Standford when they marched to Columbia and camped a few days, at which place I came up with them having been with a detail of 45 men from our guard so bidding you good bye for the present I sign myself your sincere friend. E.R.A. Company k 15th Ind. Volunteer Woods Division Tennessee

Oh yes, I almost forgot about Sams letter that he got from Chris. I expect tho he has answered it before now. Frank did lose the flag yougave him and he wasn't very plagued over it. I don't think it will pay to give him any more flags as he has lost tow. I think I could keep one longer than over night. Writ soon will you and direct as at the end of the letter. No more at present. Your friend till death. This is very poor please excuse all mistakes and if there is anything that not approved let me know as a true friend.

*Sam who was mentioned in the letter and wrote to Mitties sister Chris did later marry Chris. The last name-Sam and Chris Wise My Grandmother Mittie and Chris were very close and wrote many letters which I still have. Her Grandson, Sam Wise and I had gotten together in Roanoke,VA and also went to Fairfield to the Church where they were married. Also where they are buried.

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