Mike Coletta mikecoletta@yahoo.com
PROFILE A dedicated, flexible individual that will adapt to any circumstances. Excellent communication skills with peers, management and development teams. Willing to work any schedule to accomplish desired objectives. A highly regarded individual depended on for technical leadership.
LAN/WAN -Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, ATM-OC3-MMF, ATM, T1, T3, Frame Relay
Storage - iSCSI, RAID, NFS, CIFS
Hardware - IBM TotalStorage 200i, xSeries Servers, Cisco Routers, IBM 2220/8260/8265/8285, ATM Switches, ServRaid Adapters(4H,4Mx,4L),
IBM 221x/6611 Multiprotocol Routers, IBM RS6K, PS/2 systems, CSU/DSU, Black Box, IBM System/390 Architecture 
Software - CMVC, TTT, Lotus Notes, TCL, Linux, Cisco IOS, AIX, Windows 9x/2k, OS2, MVS, VM
Octomber 2000-
Staff Software Engineer, Storage Networking Division,RTP,NC
Technical team lead for iSCSI project.Responsible for technical input for creating and executing the testplan on IBM's Total Storage 200i product.
Testing required working with RedHat Linux, Windows iSCSI initiators, IBM's ServRaid adapter, and IBM's xSeries Servers.
July 2000-
Octomer 2000
Staff Software Engineer, Storage Networking Division,RTP,NC
A member of a three person tools and automation test team, responsible for creating an automation test strategy for IBM's NAS and iSCSI products. Part of our solution was to use STAF, and TCL Language.
March 1998-
June 2000
Staff Software Engineer, Networking Hardware Division,RTP, NC
Member of IP test team, responsible for testing new routing protocols on IBM's 221x series of routers. 
Main focuses have been IPv6, NDP, RIPv6, BGP4+, PIM6, and PIM-DM. Also involved in testing IPSEC/IKE, VRRP, and DiffServ.
March 1996-
March 1998
Test Engineer, Advanced Networking Lab, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY
Member of a test team involved in the test and implementation of an Integrated Switch Router based on an IBM 8265 ATM switch, and IBM 8210 MSS. Besides high-performance IP forwarding and ATM switching, the router uses ARIS to establish switched paths to each egress using existing routing protocols to determine destinations behind the egress. Specific responsibilities included the design, implementation, and execution of the ARIS Functional Verification Test plan. In testing the ARIS protocol, I configured different network topologies, including BGP, OSPF, and RIP routing protocols. Part of the testing was to verify interoperability with other routers, Cisco, IBM 2216, IBM Milford router. 
July 1995-
February 1996
Project Test Leader, Router Network System Assurance Department, Advantis Corp.
The project was to provide Frame Relay DTE functionality on IBM NSFNET routers. I was responsible for managing the project test process. In addition to the Frame Relay DTE functions, we had invented a scheme which enables DTE routers detecting and adjusting link signaling protocols automatically. The auto-configuration feature was a very powerful tool for network deployment and management. We successfully finished the work on schedule. 
January 1995-
June 1995
Test Engineer, Router Network System Assurance Department, Advantis Corp.
The project was to support ATM over DS3 HSSI interface and to be deployed as the Network Access Points (NAP's) for the IGN backbone. The key features were ATM DXI, IP-over-ATM, AAL5 dual-mode support and PVC-based priority transmission. In testing these features, we used FORE systems ASX200 switches, along with ADC Kentrox , and Cisco 7010 router with ATM interface. 
August 1994 -
December 1994
Test Engineer, Router Network System Assurance Department, Advantis Corp.
As a key contributor of the Frame Relay NNI test team, I was responsible to test Frame Relay ANNEX-D NNI specification and a DLCI-based packet-priority-queuing mechanism on IBM NSFNET T1 and T3 routers. I assisted on the design of the network topology for first Frame Relay NNI customer of IGN . The product was deployed to the IGN backbone in early 1995.
April 1994 - 
August 1994
Senior Lab Specialist, Router Network System Assurance Department, Advantis Corp.
Responsible for updating and maintenance of IBM NSFNET routers, which included installation of new AIX operating system. Troubleshoot any risc/6000 problems, hardware or software. Also responsible to set up network topologies for test, this included installation and configurations of different DSU/CSU's, and routers.

September 1988-
April 1994


Senior Lab Specialist - Engineering Development Lab

  • Working in Processor Recovery and Serviceability for new ES/9000 model 9021  
  • Simulation Hardware Development to test next generation CMOS computers  
  • New Service Processor Bringup using OS2/2.0, PS/2 Mod 80. DEBUG of LIST CODE for the new Service Processor.using OS2 LAN networking for all testing  
  • Initial Hardware Bringup of ES/9000 models 9021, using MVS and VM.  
  • Member of the CYCLE TIME REDUCTION team for ES/9000 models 9021.  
  • Involved with ES/9000 Early ship programs, supplied technical support on site for initial installation of systems  
  • Lead Technical Coordinator responsible for 18, 9021 engineering systems.  
  • Performed system installation, including 3880, 3274, 3174 I/O devices on new Development machines. 
February 1986 -
September 1988
Lab Technician - Engineering Development Lab
  • Execution of Test plan to Verify Large Systems Function, using MVS, VM and SAK
  • Isolated all system failures for problem determination.
February 1986 -
February 1981
Manufacturing Test Technician - Kingston Final Test
  • Final System Test on the 308X/3090 systems
  • Team leader for the 308X project on 2nd and 3rd shift.
  • Responsible for work assignments for the department.
  • Responsible for Test and Quality of systems before shipping to customers
  • Pace University, Pleasantville, N.Y.
  • DeVry Technical Institute, Edison, N.J. Electronics Technician Degree. 
  • Ulster Community College, Stone Ridge, N.Y.
  • IBM Large System Education, 4 Months, Kingston, N.Y. IBM System/370xa Architecture
  • Resume updated: April, 2002.