Botresearch USA is a non-profit botanical research and biotechnology organization specializing in the development of protocols for the in vitro micropropagation or tissue culture of plants belonging to the Lamiaceae/ Labiatae family which consists of some 180 genera and over 3500 species of annual and perennial herbs. In addition to these species, special attention is given to plant species from other families provided they are listed on the "Red List" of Endangered or Threatened species.

Other areas of our research include anatomical, physiological, and chemical analysis. Each of these areas plays a key role in providing data which upon conclusion of this study will be compiled into a format for publication. The publication will be in the form of a set of manuals intended to be used by university students of Botany, Horticulture, and Biotechnology.

An in depth study such as this would be seriously lacking if it neglected to properly record the various observations which are made, especially in the area of internal anatomy which is not outwardly obvious. This provision is covered through extensive photomicroscopy of the various tissues in the above mentioned species.

The final area of this study is that of biodiversity. This portion of the study can provide insight as to why plants react the way they do to a given set of circumstances such as variations in climates, altitudes, and variations in soil composition.


Endangered Lamiaceae Species