This page is devoted totally to myself(well, kind of). I want people to know a little bit about me. What I want them to know, that is. First of all, my name is Susan. I am 39 years young.The name "SEMINDY" was created by using my initials and the city I live in. I am a single mother with one daughter, and her name is Evil Skittle aka Evil Skittle. She is my pride and my joy. The reason I live and breathe everyday. I happen to be one of the most "honest" people you would ever meet. This "quality" has gotten me into a LOT of trouble and tight spots at times, and has also managed to get my "heart" broken. Being too honest can be harmful,some people will use this against you to benifit themselves so use good judgement if you too have this quality.

I was raised in Chicago(a suburb) and from a very young age, have moved all over. I now reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am here for my job only. My real home is Merrillville, Indiana. I lived there before I moved to Indy, and I really miss living there...*sigh*...I work for Ford Motor Company(Visteon) in Indy.

I can say one thing for sure, that I am truly blessed with a "wonderful" daughter, and a family that does "truly" love me. They cannot always give me the comfort I need at certain times, but they sure try. They know how hard life has been for me and the struggles I have had and they "ALWAYS" stick with me no matter what!!! As I am not "famous" for good judgement or making the best decisions, but they are STILL "always" there. For this I am greatful in more ways than i can ever put in to words.

I have the world's **GREATEST** sister who I could just never say enough about(who has my boys!!)John and Kyle(twins) and the lovely Kristen and the just as lovely Erica. I also have two brothers. Our "baby" in the family is the Brilliant Brian and just as Brilliant wife Deann. They have the beautiful Katelyn!!, and the just as beautiful Kara!!! My other brother is Curt and his wife Phyllis, they have the two oldest grandchildren, Curt Jr. and Chris. I have the most WONDERFUL parents(can NEVER say enough about them), and even WONDERFUL grandparents(who don't know how to sit in one place for too long, hehehe). I also have a LOT more family who is just as exceptional, but I don't have the time or space to mention them all. They know who they are!!!!

I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to my "group" of friends!! WOW....Gabriel, my closest friend, the connection is incredible, and I'd be truly lost without him!!! Matt has fastly become one of the dearest friends I have also.......incredibly sensative person with a heart of gold!!! Then there's Deb and Radar.......Incredible people who I do most of my traveling with!!! What a blast we have!!!!! I love them all!!!!!

I love all kinds of music, except country!! I love football, basketball traveling and just hanging out. As far as travel, well, I've got to say that "Las Vegas" is my favorite place to go. Hope to reside there someday!!!

I would like to hear from anyone that has anything to say. Please feel free to e-mail me or at least sign my guestbook. I would love to hear from you!!!

Yes, you are seeing right, there are two "sign guestbooks", the first is the only one that works, so feel free to sign it!!! I will be removing the other one soon...........Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

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