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Thanks to those who have already sent in their recommendations.


Palmer's Barber Shop
635 Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans, LA.
No phone
Shop hours: Tues. 8-4, Wed. & Thu. 8-6

I recommend Palmer's Barber Shop in New Orleans, LA. There is no sign, no telephone. One barber, Palmer. There is a sign in the window that says no children, no new customers, but if you knock at the door and have a good head of hair that needs cutting - short - he'll let you in. Palmer cut my hair for the 15 years I lived in New Orleans. He is without a doubt one of the best of the 'old time' barbers. He is absolutely one of the best at flattops (shorter the better), crewcuts and high and tights. His clientle is a cross section of New Orleans. Palmer is picky, slow (he takes his time and gets it right!) and great! Absolutely a must for short hair fanatics! For literary buffs, this address is the fictional home of "Brick" in Tennessee Williams "Streetcar Named Desire" - the bus named Desire passes in front of the shop. The shop is located a few short blocks from the French Quarter, near Washington Square.
Thanks to 'MajorDad' for this recommendation.

Don's Barber Shop
3314 Youree Dr Shreveport, LA 71105
Phone: (318) 861-2453

My barber is named Don. Don specializes in any kind of SHORT haircut---esp. flattops and regulation high'n'tights. He is about the only barber in this area that is an expert with a straight razor---both for a man's face and even his scalp. And he only charges $5.00 for the haircut. He is a big man with a shaved slick head. Give him a try if you are ever in the area.
Thanks to the Buzztowner who provided these details.


Mark of Edmond Style Shop
130 East 15, Edmond, OK 73013
Phone: (405) 348-4444

Larry Buchanan at this barber shop gives a really precise flattop according to a Buzztown reader.

Del City Barber Shop
3009 Epperly Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73115
Phone: (405) 670-2732

This is another Oklahoma shop that gives a very precise flattop.


Pete's Flat Top Shop
6011 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757
Phone: (512) 453-9215

A visitor to Buzztown says that Pete has been at this shop for over 25 years. "He cuts an awesome flat top and has two other barbers working for him who are also quite good. If anyone deserves a listing, it's Pete."

Updated!Bethel Road Barber Shop
460 W. Bethel Road, Coppell, TX 75019
Phone: (972) 462-0841
Shop hours: Tues. thru Fri. 8am-8pm (by appointment in the morning); Sat. 8-4; Sun. 12-5; Closed Mondays

The Bethel Road Barber Shop comes highly recommended from one contributor. This shop does an excellent range of styles, including the traditional short cuts that are discussed here at Buzztown. You can also visit the Bethel Road Barber Shop's website and see photos of this great looking, traditional barber shop and a list of some of the styles you can get there. As their website says "Why Not Let A Professional Barber Turn Your Ideas Into A GREAT HAIRCUT!!".

Update (Jun 20, 1999)

Raider Barber Shop
1305 Brown TRL, Bedford, TX 76022
Phone: (817) 282-2357

Here's a shop in the H.E.B. (Hurst Euless Bedford) area. Ten chairs, pretty traditional in most respects, usually dropdead busy on Saturdays. The guy to ask for is Wade. He's a thirty-something ex-Marine, who has been lopping mops for about a decade. He'll do exactly what you tell him. But if anything, he proceeds with caution the first couple of times. In other words, no surprises. Likewise, if you tell him "put the pedal to the metal," he'll cut it as short as it goes.And he knows all the terminology. Most summers, he himself, will wear a flattop.

Update: Here's an update about Raider Barber Shop from another very happy Buzztowner:

Ben's Barber & Styling Shop
3823 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006
Phone: (713) 528-8898

Someone posted a message on Hairnet, asking for a good barber for "high and tights" in Houston. There were two recommendations:

"Go to Ben's Barber shop downtown and ask for Alex, he gives great high and tights, flattops, and crewcuts. He is not to afraid to go short/bald."

"I tried Alex a couple of years ago at Ben's Barbershop. He does and ok job, but you have not had a flat top until you have been to Gordon. He is the best I have been to EVER! It is worth the drive."

Hargraves Barbershop
9218 FM 1960 Road West, Houston, TX 77070 (One mile west of Willowbrook Mall)
Phone: (281) 469-5106

Hargraves is a six chair shop that's been around for thirty years. The TV doesn't get good reception, but the just adds to the charm. The magazine rack is stocked with every outdoor-type magazine and Farm & Ranch Illustrated to Rollingstone. The people are great, I always hear stories of rodeos and first-time cuts, for most of the younger customers got their first cuts there.

The barbershop is like going through a time warp, not because of the old-time cash register or unbreakable pocket combs, but because the same values of early days are in effect. Children are respective towards the older men and it's nice to see younger fathers bringing in their boys to get a trim, keeping the tradition alive. As far as the haircuts go, all the barbers are top notch. The first time I went to Hargraves I admitted I was once a salon customer and I told Jim how sick I was to always get the "new" person, the "fresh cut." Jim assured me their "new guy" had been there for fifteen years and they were still hazing him. A lot of people wait for Larry, the owner, but I think it's just out of habit and conversation.

So if you need to get trimmed up so you "mom will let you sit down to supper", bring your cowboy boots or dress shoes for a shine while you wait and soak up some of the goodness that makes you thank God that you're in Texas, and as always "a nine-dollar bill will get you out of here."

Thanks to Nathan Day for his review of this traditional barber shop in the great state of Texas.

Times Barber Shop
5207 Kelvin, Houston, TX 77005
Phone: (713) 526-8882

The Times Barber Shop is located in the Rice University village area. According to the reader who recommends this shop it "is a five-chair shop but the barber to have your hair cut with is Robert in the first chair. This man is a master of short and razor cuts, and his use of both the clippers and razor is masterful. If a close cut is desired, this is the man to see. His high and tights, flattops, and general short cuts are to be experienced." Price: $9.00.

The Grand Stand
6 N Main St, Kingwood, TX 77339
Phone: (281) 360-3008

Thanks to the reader who sent in this contribution. "There's a barber shop located in Kingwood, TX called "THE GRANDSTAND". The managers name is Steve he does the best job I've ever seen on tradional men's hairstyles as well as military hairstyles. He's been styling hair for more than twelve years and does an excellent job with children. So in Kingwood, TX there's only one number to call (281)360-3008; Steve will be glad to hear from you. And please mention 'BUZZTOWN'."

University Hair Styling
807 University, Lubbock TX 79401
Phone: (806) 763-3659

Last Thursday, Feb. 12, 1998, I went to a new shop in my town: University Hair Styling.

I sat in the chair, and asked for a flattop. The sides are #2, and the top is perfectly flat. The male barber there cut my hair, received an awesome flattop, and wanted to pass on the info. It cost $7.50, have gotten cheaper cuts, but this one was worth the extra cash. Faithful Buzztown Client, HTex

Custer Square Barbers
113 Custer Square Ctr, Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (214) 235-9227

Recommended on the Hairnet Hotline, by contributor "Tex". He says that the main barber, John, is a real pro.

Huey's Barber Stylist
74 Richardson Heights Ctr, Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (214) 235-9115

According to a message posted on the Hairnet Hotline by "Tex", "all the barbers are great, but Daryl is my favorite. He is a perfectionist and takes his time. The first guy is good but is usually a five minute start to finish job. I have seen the third guy turn out a really good looking high and tight."

Sportsmans Barber Shop
57 Richrdsn Hts Shop Vlge, Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (214) 644-6064

This shop was recommended on the Hairnet Hotline by a couple of guys. One guy (Colin), had not been there for over ten years, but said they were very good for short hair, especially taper cuts. The other guy (Tex) says that they are still good. He says that "the main barber (older Cajun guy) is a fantastic barber but is getting along and usually leaves early on Saturday. He is usually there real early on weekday mornings though. The other guys in the shop are good but not in the same league as this guy."

Sportsman's is next to Sun Rexall on Belt Line under Central Expressway.

Sportsman is indeed still there. I have had my haircut there a few times in the past years. The main barber (older Cajun guy) is a fantastic barber but is getting along and usually leaves early on Saturday. He is usually there real early on weekday mornings though. The other guys in the shop are good but not in the same league as this guy.

Webb Royal Barbers
169 Webb Royal Center, Dallas, TX 75229
Phone: (214) 357-8900

According to the Buzztown visitor who sent the details of this shop, "this is a really nice barber shop with several chairs. It is an old fashioned barbershop. They give great haircuts, especially flattops and crew cuts. They also use shaving cream and straight razor to finish up short haircuts. They also do something else very unique, after your hair cut, instead of brushing your face off they blow it off with compressed air! There is a barber there by the name of Ken, he gives the best haircuts. (I believe that he is the owner or owners son.)"

Update: Thanks to another Buzztowner for the following update about this shop:

Times Barbershop
5207 Kelvin Drive (in Rice Village), Houston, Texas 77005
Phone: (713) 526-8882

Six-chair traditional barbershop catering to students, military and others who like traditional cuts. Robert in the first chair does excellent razor cuts and will go as close as you request.

The Trophy Barbershop
103 East Texas Avenue, Houston, TX
Phone: (281) 427-1187

This shop was recommended on the Hairnet Hotline by Jeff.

This seven chair shop is a great place for flattops and other clipper cuts. All the barbers are good but the best three are the two closest to the front door and John. It's an old fashioned shop, complete with shine man. It's not uncommon to have people bring in five or six pair of shoes (or boots) and sit and watch the barbers at work.

Park Mall Barber Stylist
2460 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074
Phone: (214) 424-9603

According to Hairnet contributor "Tex", this shop in the north Dallas area "is a real barbershop and from the cuts I saw there all the barbers are great. I got a regular short haircut but there were two flattops going on also. Kenny, the first barber was recommended to me. Great atmosphere, lots of clipper work, straight razor outlines."

John's Barbershop
12843 Nacogdoches, San Antonio, TX 78217

I am recommeding that John's Barbershop be added to your site. It is located in San Antonio, Texas. The shop offers military cuts and specializes in flattops. John, the owner, gave me a great high and tight flattop when I was there complete with shaved sides and a landing strip. He also gives great facial shaves. He has a full service shop.
Thanks to Buzztown reader John for sending in details of this shop.

New!Texas Clippers Barber Shop
383 Valley HI Drive, San Antonio, TX 78227
Phone (210) 674-7513

"On Feb. 19,1999 I went to a great barber shop - Texas Clippers in San Antonio, Texas - a barber shop right outside one of the gates of Lackland Air Force Base. I waited my turn, as the shop is usually busy. I asked for #1 sides and back, and left the length on the top. Actually he trimmed the top up just a bit. Left about an inch on the top. It was a really great cut, after the initial shock wore off, they complimented the cut and said it was quite debonair!!!! Who knew that a haircut could make such a difference!!!!!!!! I know all of you did. Thanks to Jessie at Texas Clippers!!!!!!!!! He is a really goood barber."
Listed: Jun 20 '99  


Eli's Bridgestone Barbershop
4935 FM 2920 Road, Spring, TX 77388
Phone: (281) 288-9822

Eli's Bridgestone Barbershop is a four chair barbershop, but Eli is the barber to see for a fantastic high & tight flattop using lather and straight razor to shave the whitewalls. He also shaves a smooth head. You can't miss him. He is the dude with the shaved head.

Dickie's Old Time Barbershop
13414 Greenway, Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone: (409) 242-6767

This shop was recommended on Hairnet Hotline by Jeff.

Just southwest of Houston,. Dickie's Old Time Barbershop is located at 13414 Greenway, just off Eldridge Road. Three related barbers own the shop: Mr. Dickey the patriarch, his step-daughter Jeannie and her husband Gordon. Gordon is a former Marine and gives an excellent flattop. The others do as well. Their specialty is something called the "Kempner Cut", named after the local high school. Essentially a Marine high and tight flattop, it is particularly popular among customers 12-18 and law enforcement officers.

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