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Emily Up to 6 Months Old!

Emmy's 6th month has some firsts!

Emily Sits Up for the first Time! October 18th, 2000

Her favorite new trick is clapping her hands which started October 25th, 2000.

October 26th, you pull yourself up with your tummy on the side of the bathtub..on October 27th you pull yourself up on your blue chair..after a few days it's old news and beginning November 2nd, you greet us every morning standing up in your crib!!

Playing with Balloons- October 14th!

Emily Sits Up for the first Time! October 18th, 2000

Playing with my alligator piano October 27th, 2000

Visit with Aunty Michelle!!

Playing with toys October 18th.

Emily and her sweet smile! October 18.

Trick or Treat?! Halloween 2000!

"Get me my Evian!"

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