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Emily Up to 16 Weeks Old!

Daddy's Girl!! Emily 15 weeks old

Emily and Nana at the Cape - July 2000 - 16 weeks old!

Out for a spin in my new hat!

Licence and registration?! Officer - I'm only 4 months old!

Hanging out with the fam!

Emily with Aunty Jewel and Cousin Joshua!!!

COUSINS! Cheryl, Leah and Dennis!!

Me and My Daddy and Mommy!

Thanks for visiting my scrapbook!

Emily's Scrapbook! Page One: Emily newborn and her first visitors at the hospital

Page Two: Emily Comes home through her first month!

Page Three: Emily at 5 Weeks Old!

Page Four: Emily At 10 Weeks Old!

Page Six: Emily 5 Months Old!

Page Seven: Emily 6 Months Old!