Dean and I were married on July 5, 1997, at the Boca Raton Country Club. It was wonderful. So many of our friends and family traveled such a long way to be there for us. We had a great time!

Here are the girls! Stephanie, My sister and maid of honor, Susan, Me, Michelle and Franci (from left to right)

The men who stood up for Dean! Pete, Steve, Dean, Kevin and Cousin Gary! (from left to right)

Dean and Michelle - Man and Wife!

I took this picture right after...minutes after, Dean and I became engaged. Note: I can't contain myself, "beaming" is what Dean said. and Dean...well...Dean "looks like he's gonna hurl", I said.

This picture here with Dean is significant. It's the only picture I've painted. I did this right after Dean and I started dating. He always used to ask me if it was a picture of us. I used to say "NO!" But it's true, it is. Except my butt is actually bigger. (Yeah, no joke, huh). On second thought, I should have painted HIS butt! (much cuter).

If you want to see our bridal shower invitation go to... Invitations... There is also a lot of general wedding information that I've collected. I put it all together at a site called, Happily Ever After.... This site has various links to other good wedding sites. Happy Surfing!