Poetry Corner

"Man Behind my Wall"

Behind my wall he stands, he watches me this man

If I close my eyes will I feel his hands, was it the wine, or just in my mind, or will I find the eyes that lurk from behind my wall

was it my name he called, did i hear him fall

or was it the wind.

will I find the answers within, the man behind my wall

Painted Memories

I painted a rainbow with many colors,

one that presents life,love and happiness.

I painted a tall beautiful tree that bared

the fruits of maturity.

I painted an eagle that flew high above,with

courage and pride.

I painted a picture love with you in my eyes...

So when you glance back on all our troubled times

remember our bond and the precious moments we


Remember the picture that we painted in our mind

and hold this feeling that grows deep inside, for

our love will last forever though we might die......


I feel your dreams elude me, from across

the seas they pursue me, I can not escape

them for it was fate that we make them, so

I drown in your sea of fantasies and doubt

my hopes and insanity. I wallow in your

illusions of life without protrusions, for i

live in a world of dreams and i hope that it

is all that it seems, for a dream without you

is a dream that is untrue and a night of abandon



Your lips a tender pink brushes

against mine, our tounges entwined

intriguingly, the taste of apple wine

My mind exploding with every savoring

taste our mouth so close as one, it slowly

comes to an end and again the kiss is done!!!


Liddy, Liddy, how sweet's your city?

at night do you feel it's pity?

Liddy, Liddy sing your diddy alone in

your slumber city......


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