This page contains information for seven generations.  Originally from North Carolina, we migrated to Texas and then to Oklahoma.  The bullets and indents indicate each generation.

First Generation

John Prentice1 (born 1813 in North Carolina, died in Denton, Texas in 1869) married Rachel Prentiss in 1838 in Carroll County, Tennessee.  Together they had eleven children.

Personal Notes

1Information regarding John Prentiss and his children, with the exception of James Monroe, was acquired from PrenticeNet.  Thank you Joe Dewald!  All other information comes directly from my own personal research.  All of this information, with the exception of my personal notes, can also be found in PrenticeNet's North Carolina file.  With my permission, Joe published it there.

2Personal notes on Billy Leon Prentiss:
"Leon" is  a Veteran of WWII.  According to his discharge papers, Leon served just over three years and five months, most of this time being overseas in Europe.  He was with the 114th Antiaircraft Artillery Group.  Battles and Campaigns he was in included, Normandy, Rhineland, Northern France, and Central Europe.  Decorations and Citations he received were: Good Conduct Medal, HAME Theater Ribbon and Four Bronze Service Stars, World War II Victory Ribbon, and American Theater Ribbon.

After the war, Leon made use of the G.I. Bill and learned upholstery.  He worked for the place that trained him for three years before going to work for Antinorio's Upholstery.  When Mr. Antinorio retired in the early '70s, Leon and his nephew (Albert) started their own business called: Prentiss Carpets and Upholstery.  Leon retired January 1, 1997 at the age of 73.

3Personal note: The death of  Luther O. Prentiss and a fight between Hillis and Charlotte over Luther's portion of their land holdings, was what caused my grandfather, James Claude, to leave the family and settle in Chickasha.  (Per Claudie Imogene Prentiss-Babel, as told to her by James Claude Prentiss.)

Personal note: I have not been able to find out for certain when or why my great-grandfather James Monroe Prentice/Prentiss changed the spelling of the family name.  I have been able to deduce that it was before the birth of my grandfather James Claude Prentiss.

James Monroe Prentice/Prentiss moved his family from Texas to Oklahoma some time between 1890 and 1892, homesteading in the lands once set aside for the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory.  Located in present day Washita County, Oklahoma.

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