Hello Again! I finally got some time to work on this site. The images that I had on my last homepage took forever to load and I did receive complaints about it. That is why I have decided on a simple design this time. Thanks for the input, comments and also for taking the time to drop by.

CableLink is where you merely my personal website. Everything that you need to know about me is up here. It also is a means by which I can be contacted by. Do check out the 'Beneficial Links' below, because I am sure they will interest you.

I will stop here, and allow you to explore this world ...

All suggestions for improvements to this CableLink will be gladly accepted.

To all my friends and family who view this page, please sign my guestbook. Will get in touch with you guys as soon as possible.

Derick's CableLink welcomes one and all.............. :^)