A fanfic committee to judge and choose the fanfics that will be posted on the fanfic section. On this page, anyone interested can find the instructions, conditions, privileges, and the rules of selection. To apply you must send an e-mail to tknetace@saipan.com. Firstly, the instructions for writing the application e-mail will be outlined. Also, please read the rest of the document, as it contains IMPORTANT information.

Instructions for E-mail:

1. Give your net name, your real name (optional), your age (optional), your gender, your ICQ number (if you have one), your interests, your previous fan-fiction related web experience (e.g., editing a fanfic, authoring a fanfic, etc.; optional), and what kind of fanfics you wish to review and select (anime, games, TV, etc.; must be supported by this section; see Conditions for Membership section for supported fanfics).

2. Give your ideas of how this page should look like; you may even give pictures or videos we should use.

Conditions for Membership:

1. This fanfiction section supports a certain number of games, anime, and TV. Members must be able to review at least one of these games/anime/TV shows:

StarCraft/Brood War
*Warcraft (series)*
*Diablo/Diablo II*
Chrono Trigger
Super Mario RPG
Final Fantasy VII
All other Final Fantasy games
Legend of Zelda (all-related games)
Chrono Cross
Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z
*Neon Genesis Evangelion*
Tenchi Muyo! (all series)
Ronin Warriors
Gundam Wing
*Ranma 1/2*
Sailor Moon
*Macross Plus*
Speed Racer
Outlaw Star
*Cowboy Bebop*
*Sword Stabber Orphen*

* (Asterisk)- The owner or co-owner may not be able to review or aid in the choosing of this game, fanfic, or other.

Purple- Game

Pink- Anime

Blue- Other

2. Members cannot accept any fanfics with any content above PG-13.

3. Lemons, homosexuality, and pornography are not allowed in any fanfics.

4. Members must send all fanfics received to all other members to review. Members are allowed to write their own fanfics or get fanfics from their friends; however, those fanfics must be reviewed by the committee and sent to the committee leader. A majority is needed to allow a fanfic to be posted on the fanfiction section. Should a tiebreaker be necessary, either the owner or the co-owner will review and accept or reject the fanfic in question. All selected fanfics are to be sent by the leader to the owner or co-owner.

5. Accepted fanfics must be sent via -email to the owner or co-owner, who will promptly place it on the fanfiction section. Members may not have the password unless you live in the Northern Marianas Islands.

6. The committee must elect a leader; the owner or co-owner may be called on in case of a tiebreaker.

7. The leader of the committee sends the selected fanfics to the owner or co-owner.

8. The committee is usually not allowed to edit the selected fanfic for the sake of offending the author; however, if the author consents to editing, the committee may do so.

Privileges of the Committee:

1. All members of the committee each have one vote in choosing a certain fanfic.

2. The owner or co-owner may NOT reject the chosen fanfics; however, if the fanfic does not comply with Conditions, the owner or co-owner may refuse to accept it.

3. Members of the committee may request a chat room, polls, or counters for the section or parts of the section.

4. Members may request changes in the page layout.

Rules of Selection:

1. The first fifteen applicants will be reviewed and either selected or rejected by the owner or the co-owner.

2. After the first review, should there be the more, the earliest fifteen will be reviewed and either selected or rejected then the next fifteen then the next and so on.

3. All selected applicants will be notified by e-mail of their selection.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support! Please send fanfics with you!

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