Just Newspaper Classified Sections:

The Newspaper The Location Rating
Akron Beacon Journal Akron, Ohio5
Albany Times Union Albany, NY5
The Arizona Daily Star Tucson, AZ5
Arizona Republic(Buddy) Central Arizona 5
Arizona Republic(Jobs) Central Arizona 5
Arizona Republic(Houses) Central Arizona 5
Austin American Statesman Austin, TX 5
The Baltimore Sun Baltimore, MD 5
The Beaumont Enterprise Beaumont, TX 5
Boston Globe (Cars) Boston, MA 5
Boston Globe (Houses) Boston, MA 5
Boston Globe (Apartments) Boston, MA 5
Boston Globe (Jobs) Boston, MA 5
Charlotte Observer Charlotte, NC 5
Centre Daily Times Central Pennsylvania 5
Chicago Tribune(Cars) Chicago, IL 5
Chicago Tribune(Houses) Chicago, IL 5
Chicago Tribune(Jobs) Chicago, IL 5
Colorado Springs Gazette Colorado Springs, CO 5
Marco Island Eagle Key Marco, FL 5
New Hampshire SENTINEL Keene, NH 5
Star - Gazette Elmira, NY 5
Contra Costa Times Contra Costa, CA 5
Daily Hampshire Gazette Northampton, MA 5
Buenos Aires Herald Buenos Aires, Argentina 5
The Munster Express Southeast, Ireland 5
Montgomery Newspaper Fort Washington, PA 3
Evensville Courier(Jobs) Evensville, IN 8
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Evensville Courier(Houses) Evensville, IN 8
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Evensville Courier(Cars) Evensville, IN 8
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Evensville Courier(Stuff) Evensville, IN 8
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Lancaster New Era++ Lancaster, PA 5
Huron Daily Tribune Huron, MI 5
New Jersey Online NJ 5
The Sacramento Bee Sacramento, CA 5
The San Francisco
Chronicle & Examiner
San Francisco, CA 5
The Times Leader Wilkes Barre, PA 7
The San Jose
Mercury News
San Jose, CA 9
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The Washington Post Washington, DC 5
University of Washington
Student Newspaper
Seatle, Washington 5