History of the Wing Commander Series

All game ratings are out of 5 stars


This is the game that started it all. In 1990 Origin released a new space flight sim called Wing Commander. Although no one knew the impact that this game would make in the computer gaming industry, it was however obvious from the start that this game was something good. The story starts out like this, Humanity is locked in a deadly war with a warlike race known as the Kilrathi. The Tigers Claw(the ship your on) has just narrowly survived a large battle with the Kilrathi, This battle would become famously known as Custers Carnival. After month's of repairs the ship is finaly put back on duty. This is where your character comes in. The Tigers Claw is sent on a mission to knock out the main Kilrathi naval base and you and your wingmen are the only ones who can do it.

  • Graphics:___**
  • Sound:_____**
  • Control:____****
  • Fun Factor:__***** (Just can't stop playing it)
  • Overall:_____***** (A true classic)


    In Wing Commander II Your character has been wrongly accused of blowing up the Tigers Claw. After a long and disgraceful trial you are found innocent, but you are droped in rank from Major to Captain. You spend most of the game fighting off the Kilrathi and also trying to prove your innocance. This game is beter than the original with all the action and drama still there and better graphics and sound aswell. Not only are the graphics and sound better but your character plays more of an important role in the story.

  • Graphics:___***
  • Sound:_____***
  • Control:____****
  • Fun Factor:__***** (Great sequel)
  • Overall:_____***** (All around great game)


    Wing Commander III was not only a cool game, it was a huge leap not only for Origin and the Wing Commander series but also for computer gameing history. It was the first TRUELY interactive movie in which your actions affected the outcome of the game. The story is that even after the many victories against the Kilrathi, Humanity is losing the war day by day. Your duty is to hold the Kilrathi back and hope that Confed can think of something to turn the tables. This game has it all. It has comedy(provided by Tom Wilson), action, Drama, and most importantly it's fun to play.

  • Graphics:____*****
  • Sound:______*****
  • Control:_____*****
  • Fun Factor:__***** (WOW!)
  • Overall:_____***** (Arguably the best Wing Commander game)


    Wing Commander IV is even more advanced than it's predocesor. With over 5 hours of Movie film and over 40 decisions that you have to make. Not only is there more decisions and film, but also beter graphics and sound. The acting is also much better due in part that unlike Wing Commander III there are real props and stages, not just Green screens. The story goes like this, your character has retired to the farming life after single handedly defeating the Kilrathi Empire. One day you get a message from your old pal Manniac that you have to meat him at the local pub. When you get there you find(to your extream surprise) that you have been reinstated to active duty in the Confederation. It seems that the Border Worlds are becoming more and more hostile to Confederation Forces now that the war is over. But all is not is it may seem, you will have to make the choices that will affect the entire human race as we know it.

  • Graphics:____*****
  • Sound:______*****
  • Control:_____*****
  • Fun Factor:__***** (Feels like being in a movie)
  • Overall:_____***** (My personal favorite)

    Other Games that take place in the Wing Commander Universe


    This game brings Wing Commanders I-III into one big package with better graphics and sound all rolled into one. If your new to the Wing Commander universe and want to look into its beginings, then this is the game for you. Also a very cool purchase for big Wing Commander fans.


    This game dosn't have a plot or very good game play. What it does have is a mission builder that lets you make your own missions using fighters and ships from WC II, and a few new ones added.

  • Graphics:____***
  • Sound:______***
  • Control:_____****
  • Fun Factor:__** (Mission builder is about all you get)
  • Overall:_____** (Too narrow of a game)


    This game also dosn't have much of a plot, but it does have good graphics, a strategy aspect that lets you build fighters and control a carrier for either the Confederation or the Kilrathi. And it also has Modem play, so you can waste your best friend of course :).

  • Graphics:____****
  • Sound:______****
  • Control:_____****
  • Fun Factor:__**** (Modem play makes this worth your time)
  • Overall:_____**** (Stratagey, multiplay, and space sim all in one)


    The title says it all. In this action packed game your character dosn't work for anyone(Without the proper payment that is). This game is all about makeing your living tradeing, smuggling, and bounty hunting, with a mysterious plot that you must solve.

  • Graphics:____****
  • Sound:______***** (lots of good conversations)
  • Control:_____****
  • Fun Factor:__*****
  • Overall:_____***** (Great concept, one of the best WC games)


    Very strange game. The story is that your character wakes up one day to find that he has lost his memory and has only a ship, some credits, and a few leads to go on to find his past. Almost like a mystery movie set in a never before seen region of the WC universe.

  • Graphics:____*****
  • Sound:______*****
  • Control:_____****
  • Fun Factor:__***
  • Overall:_____*** (Hardly resembles a WC game, not bad, but not good either)