Other Great Wing Commander Sites

The Wing Commander Confederation Home Page is the newest and best Wing Commander club on the net. And we need YOU!

this page has a lot of cool Wing Commander Info.

Claw Marks is a Wing Commander magazine on the net. A must see for Wing Commander Fans.

41st "Red Arrows" Homepage.
This page is full of great Wing Commander stuff. And it's also the home of the "Red Arrows" Squadron.

This page is run by a fellow Confederation Club member, my buddy Brute. It's got everything from Sci-fi, to Sports, and a large Midi selection.

Confederation Dry Dock 1779.
This page is also run by a fellow Confederation Club member, it's a new trend =). The "Confederation Dry Dock" is jam packed with great game tips, ship stats, and links to other great sci-fi realated pages.

This is the company that started it all. Origin has the latest Wing Commander info.

Non Wing Commander Sites

My friend Doug runs this page. It's loaded with tons of cool links, pictures, and just some general weird and cool stuff in Dougs Mind. While there check out a short bio on me and a picture of myself.

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