Neko For Windows Neko for Windows is a little white cat who runs around on the desktop and chases the mouse cursor. You can customise how Neko appears in many ways, and can even make him run on top of all other windows. Neko was ported by me from the original X-Windows source code that was written by Masayuki Koba.

For a detailed description of Neko's history, try the new Neko Fan Page.


  • Make Neko run always on top
  • Create more than one Neko
  • Use any icon library (.icl) to change how Neko appears
  • Make Neko chase the mouse or run around anywhere!
[Screen Shot][Screen Shot] [Screen Shot]


File Name Size Version Description 68K 4.0h Neko for Windows version 4.0h [Trouble downloading? Read the FAQ] 197K -

Alternative image libraries for Neko. [updated again!] 71K - Cat sounds (from the Neko fan page) 14K - Dog sounds (from Jorge Teixeira) 95K 4.0h Source code to Neko for Windows version 4.0h [more information]

These files are provided totally free of charge and are totally unsupported. The author orsite host cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of revenue, etc. caused by the use of this software.


Source Code Information

(Computer programmers only!) Please do not judge me by this code - it is a classic example of massive over-engineering. The original Neko source code was very simple and elegant. This is a good lesson in "what happens when someome learns object oriented programming for the first time"... wtf indeed!