There are a number of places where patches for the synths are available. These are listed below and, where possible, I have set up a mirror of patches locally. Files are normally zipped using compression routines resulting in .zip (PC), .tar and .Z (UNIX). Being a Macintosh user, I would prefer to see .sit.hqx extensions, but the shareware MacZip or equivalent programs will handle these just fine. In most cases, the compressed archive will include the raw sysex data (.syx) and a text (.txt) file outlining what goodies are contained in the .syx file. You'll need some sort of datafiler or computer-based patch editor connected up to your synth to make use of these files, and of course the means to uncompress them. I believe the Roland Corp. US site holds a complete file of the U20's original factory presets. If you've lost your U20/220 presets or don't think you had them in the first place, down load one of these files...

Preset Patches

(Please note that one or two of the patches in these preset banks are not the originals)

U220 factory presets and drumsets (France)
These look to be placed in a nice home and they're stored in raw uncompressed .syx files
U220 & U20 Presets (US)
Via ftp from a US site (thanks to Randy Wilson)
U220 & U20 Presets (US)
Via ftp from another US site
U220 & U20 Presets (France)
Via ftp from a site in France
U220 & U20 Presets (Netherlands)
Via ftp from a site in the Netherlands
Miscellaneous U20/220 patches from a Dutch site (restricted access)
In order to obtain these files, it looks like you have to upload something yourself first. Anyhow, the following files were available when I looked (27 Jan 96):
U20 Standard Drum Map
I haven't downloaded this, so can't tell you much about it.

The next section is home to any patches that people would like to share or donate for world-wide distribution. I am very keen to get this section going properly, so if you would like to submit any of your patches (probably best as raw sysex files), please do so, via email to me. There must be some U20/220 users who have had their units since they first came out and have stacks of disks worth of nice patches! So far we have:-

User Patch Archive

A file held at Randy Wilson's site containing some extra patches.