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Hi ! friends, I know it's really terrible to cope up with the never ending changes that we come across every now and then in the field of computers. Now !! look at my pathetic state, I started off to learn Java, I was merely half way thru, when I came across Java Script. Like a dangling tuple I got really confused (.... believe me I'm not joking) about whether to continue with Java or switch over to Java Script. But then I thought and told myself "Buddy ! let's explore Java Script side by side." like this I started learning JS (nick name for Java Script, mind U this nick name has been assigned by me and not by the developers of JS, I really wanna clarify this point lest I should not be sued in the court for changing the original name, Ha.. Ha.. Ha)

So for all my friends who wanna start off with JS, here's some good material which can really help U out to venture (if not, atleast give U a head start) in Java Script.

Note: Part of the material which I'm presenting has been downloaded from different sites on the NET.

JavaScript Basics

Navigator Scripting
Navigator Objects

Language Concepts

Values, Names, Literals
Expressions, Operators
Object Model
Built-in Objects, Functions
Statements Overview

Further Programming - Part I

Information in the statusbar
Date object
Creating random numbers
Working with windows

Further Programming - Part II

The statusbar
The setTimeout function
Programming a scroller

Further Programming - Part III

How to clear a document
Back and Forward- buttons

Further Programming - Part IV

Validating forms
Submitting form input
How to set the focus to a certain element

JavaScript - C omplete Reference Manual

Methods, Functions
Event Handlers
Reserved Words
Color Values

JavaScript - Examples

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