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Distributed Computing

The Lost Chord BBS

Supporting ASCII, ANSI, RIP, and RIP2
Connect using TELNET access!

The Lost Chord BBS has been online since the summer of 1986. In that time, it has seen many changes. The original BBS was run on a Commodore 64 and a SINGLE 1541 disk drive. Since then the BBS has grown considerably, both in terms of the hardware and the scope of interest. The Lost Chord supports all popular computer types, many varied interests of messaging areas, and all major graphics formats, including RIP and RIP2.

Some of the features of The Lost Chord BBS:
      Online games: Soon to come         Message areas:
                    Exitilus                           Ham Radio
                    Usurper                            Photography
                    Vampires                           Native American
                    Tradewars                          Technical
                        More!                               More!

      Access Fee:  NONE!  The BBS is FREE!
      Computers supported: ALL!  File transfer areas for: 
                                                          IBM Compatables
                                                             If we don't have
                                                             an area for it,
                                                             we'll MAKE ONE!

      Instant verification all callers via online validation!

      The Lost Chord BBS has been online since the summer of 1986, 
      providing quality messaging, file transfers, online games and 
      support to the computing community for longer than most computer 
      companies have been in business!

      Check it out, The Lost Chord BBS is online 24 hours a day HERE, so fire up 
      your telnet client and visit now!  We'll be looking for you!
Also available, a web-based client, check out The Lost Chord WEB BBS

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Mail to the author, Raymond Sirois/
I can also be reached via ICQ, where my UIN is 2375630. If I'm online, give me a shout!

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