Whenever you start make sure you start in last place [since first is so rarely available]. Slam the car into reverse.

If you some-how get turned over upside down, use the internal camera and look around for other cars, they may well ram you back the right way up.

To save screen shots like you see on this web page, just hit the Control - D and then open a program like Paint Shop Pro and hit "ctrl and V" and save the
picture! (you can also use "shift and D")

If the enemy cars are about to massacre a bunch of peds, hit the "-" on the keypad, this will remove all the peds. When you are lined up, turn them back on and score mega

If you're falling off a building or getting ready to be sandwiched between a car and a hard place, use the instant recovery (insert) key immediately.

If you honk at peds on the roof tops they sometimes get very scared and jump off the edges!

Get a head start by going into gear before the count-down ends, but you will be docked 750 points.
To score easy points, do light handbrake turns at the top of ramps. If you can timing it right, you can spin 360 degrees (or 720 if you really good or lucky) getting a cunning
stunt bonus, and still not crash on landing.

To hold a slide (may not work in all cars) air at target then handbrake turn. Keep the handbrake held and hold both left and right movement keys to stop further turning. It
may take some practice.

The direction signs can act as ramps if you hit them fast enough, and can take you to otherwise inaccessible places.

More Tips Coming Soon...



Full musical track by 'Fear Factory'. This rumor is confirmed in the UK, not yet confirmed for the US version. There are 7 audio tracks on the cd. They are a bit boring though.

I n t h e D e m o

Go about halfway back to the wall. The other cars/trucks will either zoom straight forward [if so restart] OR turn to the left and start killing peds. When they turn SLAM the car forward and head straight for the intersection. An EASY 5X combo or Style bonus! This will make winning at the hardest difficulty much much easier.

You CAN get on the Metroliner by jumping off the building after checkpoint #4. It is a long, narrow open tunnel that leads nowhere.

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