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At last! Pix2 is finally out!

No need to explain what Pix2 is! If you're new to Pix, just read the information page about Pix. Pix2 is quite the same as Pix, except that speed has been improved, more functions added, and clipping is applied to all drawing functions.

The current release of Pix2 is 1.3.0 Pre-Final and has been available since 01-06-1997 (june). Each time an update occurs to the kernel, it will be announced on both the main page and the Pix mailing list, so don't worry, you won't miss anything. =)

If you find any bugs, have comments, or would like to give any ideas or simply improve some part of the code, just send me an e-mail at joun@quebectel.com.

I've done major work on Pix2 arrangement. I've split up Pix2 in many files, like original Pix was. I've not written all documentation, but I will do that this week, in HTML format. Since Pix2 is in it's Pre-Final release, it's almost complete and ready to go! In fact, I've added many functions (Well, most of the stuff I've added has just been copy-pasted from original Pix, since it was already fine code, like PixKey and PixJoy). As soon as Pix2 Final version will be ready, Pix1 will become obsolete.

Maybe later I'll completly re-write it in an external assembler (TASM) using 386 instructions. So the speed would be improved a bit more. I still need some practice about linking external code with BP7. Anyway it's not sure, but maybe.

Well I don't know when exactly the final release of Pix2 will be out, but when it is you'll certainly know!

Well here we go. Just download PIX2PF.ZIP, it's a small 116Kb file and contains all source code, compiled unit, and some utilities, and of course documentation explaining most of the functions.

Later, Pix2 will be more complete (It still misses Resource file management, Fixed Point unit, and so on).

So please send me your comments and/or bug reports!!! That's essential!