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Please check out my new site section featuring my wallpapers made with Photo Impact and royalty free photos from our Pi gallery and the Designer's Co-Op.

click! Add a gradient filled, beveled frame to a graphic.

click! Learn how to add masks to your mask library.

click! Use a mask on a graphic and make stationery or a web page background.

click!Quick and Easy Stationery Using the Magic Wand  and clip art

click!Add a unique threaded edge to a masked image.

click!Under Glass:  Add a glass dome to show off your images.

click!Muted seamless backgrounds with 20/20 and Photo Impact

click!Beribboned--Add a ribbon to decorate your graphic.

click!Make a bow to add to your ribbon.  Part one

click!Advanced bow (part two)  by Judy Kitson

click!Wrap it up!  Wrap your ribbon around a frame

click!How to make pleats

click!How to make corner stationery.

click!Easy oval frame

click!Decorate a frame with lace.

click!Make a Photo Frame

click!Create a ruffled stitched edge

click!Convert scanned lace to a usable object.

click!Make an edge mask.

click!Learn how to use an edge mask.

click!Learn how to fade the edges of an image.

click!Create a shadow box.

click!Envelope tutorial

click!Shadow box 2

click!Make Lollipops

click!A simpler way to use a mask

click!  Step 1:   the strip

click!  Making a cutout

click! Adding Natural textures to your easy palette.

click!  Make a fireplace to decorate for Christmas
click!  Frame an image with ruffles and pleats New!!


Here are some of my favorite PI sites to get you started.
These are the sites I have permission to link to so far.
 If you have a PI site offering
resources such as tutorials or other things, please e-mail me.
I would be more than happy
to add your link.

Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials Probably the most well known site for PI.  Many tutorials and other resources here, including a forum where you can get your questions answered.

 Glorious Creations  This site has many resources to share.  Very lovely frames and Shapes are available.

 Wishing well graphicsThis site has tutorials, shapes, and objects.

 Wishing Well Photo Impact resources Also, be sure to visit the resources page for the most complete list of sites with tutorials anywhere, plus links to other resources such as dingbats and helpful programs.

 Dawn's Photo Impact Site   Dawn offers some very excellent tutorials, and objects.

 Daniel Lamarche's Hall of tricks  Don't miss the tutorials on this site. For the medium to advanced user.

Christian Graphics by Mikhail Several tutorials from which I have learned, plus shapes, presets and some textures.

 Digital Web Gold  This site has lots of everything.  Tutorials, presets, objects and other resources.  You'll find this site very helpful.
Jim Shay's Photo Impact Page  Jim has one tutorial on creating a glass button you won't want to miss.

LegaSee Designs connections  Kelly has three tutorials.  Kelly is known as the mergemaster becuase of his beautiful designs made with the merge modes.  Don't miss these tutorials.

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