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Shweikee-o - 02/23/00 21:20:09
E-mail: brothaship@aol.com
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Your site is the BOMB!!!!!! I love TMBG and (most of)the midifiles sound good, even on my piece-of-shit soundmotherfuckingblaster. Im quite courious how they sound with my synth gear... YEAH!!!! THANX VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DID FOR US!!!

Larry Nolasco - 12/12/99 03:27:43
E-mail: Larry_070255@usa.net
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Can you share me your free fonts? I love it. Thank you very much.

SHIFT FACTORY - 05/20/99 10:03:15
E-mail: mayumi@shift.jp.org
All fonts are available for Windows & Macintosh now! SHIFT FACTORY http://www.shift.jp.org/factory/ Check it out!

fia - 03/25/99 21:05:02
E-mail: fiarules@hotmail.com
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I`LL BE BACK......

Dieter Schumacher - 01/27/99 12:50:44
E-mail: elfenwelt@aol.com
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Hi there! Just wanna drop a short hello and congratulate you to your good work in font and webpage design! I'll give you a link as soon as possible. You earned it really! If you would like to visit my homepage for fonts go to: http://members.aol.com/fastd/font Have a good time Dieter aka Fontmaker

Honey - 01/25/99 20:38:57
E-mail: eeyores_fairy@sprain.com
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Your fonts rule. :>

Angela B. - 01/05/99 16:51:10
E-mail: groovechic1@hotmail.com
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Great site! Keep up the good work! Hit your link on Lockergnome for the fonts--loved them! Also, the midis rocked. Thanx! Angie

dz - 01/05/99 09:54:22
E-mail: wyzephyr@prairieweb.com
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Cool Site! I came for the fonts, but I stayed for the midis. Thanks. And as Arnie is wont to say, "I'll be back!" Oh yeah...Lockergnome sent me.

Marsha - 01/05/99 03:34:33
E-mail: bog@connect.ab.ca
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Hi! The Lockergnome sent me your way. You have a great site with some nice fonts and interesting midi's.

Lynn Edwards - 01/05/99 02:26:10
E-mail: edwards.magaret@mcleodusa.net
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Thank you for the fonts :o) Check out my page at http://pages.hotbot.com/und/lynn_edwards/index.html It's called "The Top Free Software Sites Index"

Harvey - 11/14/98 14:44:27
E-mail: HBassin
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What a great presentation. I just came for fonts and took the whole tour. Genius Plus talent.

10/21/98 09:21:12
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Just surfing. Thanks.

Cindy - 10/05/98 14:56:52
My URL:http://www.zecrets.com/users/cindy
My Email:cinth@usa.net
comment: Nice page.... please come visit my site :-) Thanks, Cindy

PsycoBlade - 09/15/98 22:14:37
E-mail: psycoblade@ridgefield-ct.com
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your site rocks the house o' matic. i love the fonts man!!!

Brian Powers - 09/14/98 19:41:40
E-mail: mrchak@tmbg.org
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Killer web-site, me.