Links for your Face
Here are the links to all things, grand or small, stupid or useful, grarq or sluubi, that I like.

Sites I made

Brian Powers Furdy Websites
Grass Shoe Meadow People
Mona's Aquarium
The Only Plok Site in the World
Unofficial Scenic
The Aldrich Museum Web Site

Music Sites

The Official Head Fulla Mangos
Capt. Rutabega's Phish Page
The Unofficial Danny Elfman Web Site
The unofficial TMBG web site
Unofficial Squirrel Nut Zippers
Listen to WBER live!

Video Game Sites

Star Wars Warcraft II Total Conversion Project
Rich's Night Site

Font/Theme Sites
A Wompedy TMBG Page
Free Font Fiesta
Robotic Attack - Fonts
Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Fonts

Miscellaneous Sites
White Wolf Online
Eric Powers's Web Site
Inanimate Shroom Comics!
Harmonica Bob's Home Page
Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)