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Kerby William Latham, Jr.

Married Krystal Marie Lackey 15 Dec 1973. Married Janet S. Schumacher 1995.

                            _Kerby William Latham, Sr.                
 _Kerby William Latham, Jr._|
|                           |_Pollyanna Owens 
|_1) Krystal Marie Lackey                    
|----Shawn William Latham
|----Patrick Allen Latham
|_2) Janet S. Schumacher 

Kerby William Latham, Sr.

_Pollyanna Owens
|----Donna Marie Latham
|----Kerby William Latham, Jr.
|----John Darrell Latham
|----Phyllis Anne Latham
|----George Allen Latham  26 Aug 1962 - 30 Oct 1962 
|----Carolyn Elizabeth Latham
|                       _William Lee Latham                
|_Kerby William Latham_|
                       |_Ella Irene Kerby  

Lula Belle Latham

Born 1875, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Married Eugene Walton Clark, 12 Dec 1893, Haslin, Beaufort County.

_Eugene Walton Clark, Sr.
|----Alice Augusta Clark
|----Eugene Walton Clark, Jr.
|----Lewis Latham Clark
|----William Sylvester Cording/Cordon
|----Matilda Cording/Cordon
|----Mary Elizabeth Cording/Cordon
|                    James Franklin Latham, Sr.
|_Lula Belle Latham_|
                     Mary Alice Chauncey

Martha Sallie Latham

Born 1876. Married Henry Walton Johnson 20 Jan 1894, Pantego, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Married 2) Leonard Franklin Shavender, 12 Sep 1901, Pantego, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Died 29 Jul, 1972, Pantego, Beaufort County, North Carolina.

                                _James Frederick Latham, Jr.__
_Martha Sallie Latham__________|
|                              |__Ersula Frances Thompson  (Fannie)_
|                             _Patrick Henry Johnson I_
| _1) Harry Walton Johnson_____|
|                             |_Adeline Elizabeth Flynn___
|----Leon Henry Johnson
| _2) Leonard Franklin Shavender__
|---Redden Hudnell Shavender
|---Blanche Latham Shavender
|---Susie Elizabeth Shavender
|---Hilton James Shavender
|---Herman Gaylord Shavender
|---Sallie Fields Shavender 23 Dec 1910 - 7 May 1913
|---Gene Patrick Shavender
|---Julia Francis Shavender

Mary Latham

Born 1796, North Carolina. Married John G. Williams, North Carolina. Married David Bradley Perry (1831), North Carolina. Died 1865.

             _Thomas Latham__
_Mary Latham_|
|            |_Elizabeth Watkins
|_1)John G. Williams
|----John G. Williams, Jr.,  born 15 Jul 1815
|_2) David Bradley Perry_
|----Hester Marquand Perry
|----Thomas Latham Perry
|----Sarah Isabella Perry_
|----Elizabeth Watkins Perry

Mary Alice Latham

Born New Bern, Craven County, NC. Married Eugene Hall Kent, New Bern, Craven County, NC.
Occupation: Secretary, homemaker, book collector.

                    _Allen Romayne Kent, Jr.__
 _Eugene Kent __|
|                  |_Oshia May Hall___
|----Alan Summers Kent
|----Elizabeth Latham Kent
|----Donald Stevens Kent
|                    _Joseph Roscoe Latham, Sr.__
|_Mary Alice Latham _|
                     |_Marjorie Janet Morey _

Mary Elizabeth Latham

Born 1822, Craven County, North Carolina. Married 1845 to Denard Hancock.

                         _Frederick Perkins Latham__
 _Mary Elizabeth Latham __|
|                       |_Julia Joanne Carroway_
|----Eliza Hancock
|_Denard Hancock_

May Gordon Latham

Born 3 Jun 1893, New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina. Married 11 Sep 1920, New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina. Died 1978.

                       _James Edwin Latham__
 _May Gordon Latham _|
|                     |_Maude P. Moore__
|_John A Kellenberger

Minnie Elizabeth Latham

Born 27 Aug 1877, Pantego, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Died 5 Dec 1946, Beaufort, North Carolina.

                            _David Hudnell__
_ William Thomas Hudnell, Sr.
|                          |_Mary Luvenia Caton_
|----Hilton Hudnell
|----Helene Hudnell
|----William E. Hudnell
|----Elizabeth (Lib) Hudnell
|                           _James Franklin Latham, Jr.                
|_Minnie Elizabeth Latham_|
                            |_Ersula Frances (Fannie) Thompson

Moye T. Latham

Born 2 Dec 1901, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Died Sep 1990, Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina.

          William Thomas Latham
_Moye T. Latham
|          Mary Ida Respess
|----Hallet Thomas Latham
|----Lloyd Watson Latham
|----Dalton E. (Del) Latham
|                   Otis Woolard
|_Hilda Woolard 
                    |_Dera Latham (Daisy)                 

Muriel Diane Latham

Born New Bern, Craven County, NC. Married Alan George Sanwick.

                     _Frederick Morey Latham, Sr. _
_Muriel Diane Latham
|                    |_Edna Muriel Day
|----Nancy Marie Sanwick
|----Elizabeth Ann Sanwick
|----Joseph Alan Sanwick  
|                   _ Alfred George Sanwick
|_Alan George Sanwick
                    |_Catherine Ann Von Sass

Nancy Marie Latham

Born New Bern, Craven County, NC. Married Kenneth Raymond Kaumeyer. Occupation: Marine biologist

                     _Frederick Morey Latham, Sr. __     
_Nancy Marie Latham___
|                    |_Edna Muriel Day_
|----Morgan John Kaumeyer
|----Susanna Katherine Kaumeyer
|                             _Henry Arthur Burr Kaumeyer
|_Kenneth Raymond Kaumeyer___
                             |_Katherine Eunice Kenyon

Norfleet Franklin Latham

Born 5 Oct 1827. Married 15 Feb 1849, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Died 14 Mar 1887.

                           _James Latham III__
 _Norfleet Franklin Latham _|
|                          |_Penelope Tyler__
|----Josiah Major Latham 1853- 1893
|----Thomas Ruffin Latham
|----James Edwin Latham 1866- 1946
|                       _Joseph Gardner____
|_Nancy Bell Gardner  _|

Othesis Elizabeth Latham

Born 1874, North Carolina. Died 1944.

                             _Samuel Barrow Latham__
_Othesis Elizabeth Latham_|                     
|                           |_Ann Elizabeth Alligood_
|----Ira Samuel Topping 1889 - 1892
|----Raleigh Lee Topping Sr.
|_Thomas Jordan Latham Topping

Phineas Latham, Sr.

                     _Rotheus Latham__
 _Phineas Latham, Sr. ___|
|                   |_Sarah Elizabeth Jordan___
|----Phineas Latham, Jr.
|----Rotheus Latham  died 1819
|----Elizabeth Latham
|---- Rhoda Latham

Phineas Latham

Born 22 April 1757. Served six years in Revolutionary Army. Married Elizabeth 1776 in Bath, Beaufort county, North Caroina; died 2 Feb 1829. Sidebar

                     _Phinehas Latham__
 _Phineas Latham ___|
|                   |_Rebecca___
|----Jasper Latham about 1777 in Bath
|----Winifred Latham  about 1778 in Bath
|----Anna Latham About 1780 in Bath
|----Sarah Latham about 1782 in Bath
|_Elizabeth  _

Phinehas Latham

Born c. 1715, E. Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.; died Sep 1781, Hyde County, NC. Occupation: Farmer, Justice of the Peace, Hyde County, 1776. Some records refer to him as Phineas, but his family Bible says Phinehas.

  1. Married c. 1750, NC, Mary
  2. Married c. 1754, Hyde County, NC, Rebekka Stubbs 1730 - 1765
  3. Married 23 Feb 1766, Hyde Co, NC, Anne Catherine Barrow