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Two mobiles: tank sorta vehicles equipped with sharp vibrating digging spikes, and an un-rotatable turret, digging out tons of dust, to blast each other up, using various weapons available to purchase an load to the Mobile Miners. Among weapons there are machine guns, landmine dispencers, cannons, nukes are more.

The old game "Tunneler" was the base concept for this game, but this one really changes everything. Your base has no walls, so you can't camp in there to get the home advantage of re-fueling and repairing. Another reason for this is that everything in the game takes fuel, even firing! That's why you get your personal engineer to fill you up and repair your Mobile Miner... But his life is very frigle, and if you let him get hit, you'll have to do without him.

Strategically placed land mines, correct weapon usage and more add up to the gameplay.

Supports a joysticks and a Sound Blaster card.

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Download HERE