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The Medical Transcription Process


Doctor's dictation is captured using Dictaphone or Toll free Dial In Server The dictation is converted into digital format and stored in our secure web server. Once we receive your dictation by any of the above methods, we then transcribe your dictation into document files. We deliver the completed transcriptions back to your office by:


A) Electronic Mail attachment which is zipped with your password or,

B) Placing it in server storage for your staff to download any number of times.


Each practitioner's transcriptions are batched into MS Word document files based on date of service/date of dictation. All our Medical Transcription is as per AAMT and hipaa guidelines. Irrespective of which delivery option you choose, all your transcriptions and dictations are available for download from our server for 60 days. You can do full text search on all your available transcriptions on our storage server.

The transcription work areas include transcribing records pertaining to:


HIPAA  Compliance

eNET Back Office, as a medical transcription firm, recognizes the significant challenge that HIPAA regulation present to the healthcare industry and to our customers.  We are committed to helping our clients achieve HIPAA compliance within the timelines established by the regulations. To this end, we have created a governing framework to define and manage our HIPAA initiatives.

We have a full time HIPAA Privacy Officer to facilitate and manage the information security and HIPAA needs of our organization as well as for our clients. The Privacy Officer will develop and maintain effective educational programs for training internal and external clients on the requirements of HIPAA.

eNET  Back Office understands that some of the HIPAA regulations have not yet been finalized, and are subject to change. Going forward,  our guiding principle is to make every reasonable effort to be knowledgeable and responsive regarding HIPAA regulations, and to achieve HIPAA compliance within the mandated timeframes.


Advantage eNET  Back Office

We offers full array of cost-effective Medical Transcription Services as per AAMT & hipaa guidelines with high accuracy, fast turnaround at most competitive prices. We have an infrastructure to handle 20,000 lines per day which we can further expanded on a 2 week's notice. Whether you are looking to outsource your dictations or switching your transcription agency, you will find that we have got complete solutions for you and our services are better than any other transcription agency.  We offer all types of high-quality transcription services to busy professionals and medical practices in US and rest of the world. The overall benefit is listed down     


· System wide cost reduction

· Highest report quality

· Faster report turnaround

· Digital dictation

· Online reporting

· Electronic patient record

· 24 X 7 Support


eNET  Back Office state of the art medical transcription facility; we constantly re-engineer the dictation/transcription process in order to take full advantage of the latest advances in computers, networking and digital technology. Combining these technologies with competent transcription skills allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to meet your transcription needs. We offer clients a set of core competencies, which are invaluable to the health information management professionals as well as other professionals who must dictate a steady stream of reports and correspondence.


Our Team

The most valuable asset eNET  Back Office has to offer is our core team of medical transcriptionists and systems professionals. We derive our strength from combining the expertise of experienced, well-trained, responsible, and dedicated medical language specialists with creative and innovative Information Technology professionals.


Transcriptionists are the backbone of our HIPAA compliant medical transcription service. We are a India-based company serving a roster of prestigious American medical hospitals, institutions, group and private practices. Our team numbers over one hundred transcriptionists. These qualified people are our employees. They are trained and quality control monitored to provide accurate and timely transcription service. Our Team includes Board Certified Physician, Transcriptionists, many with over 10 years of individual experience, Dedicated Computer Systems Engineers.

Our Transcriptionists, editors and quality controllers are trained and experienced in the following work areas:














Our pricing is based on printable characters (excluding space). We count the number of printable characters, divide by 65 (characters per line) and multiply by our rates per line. Billing Rate is very competitive


Medical Transcriptions. Re. 1.30 per line

Annual contract with local Software firms and Banks, Hospitals for  MT Service  Hand-held Voice Recorders are used  for the Transcriptions, and to be sent by speed courier, and post scripted soft copy would be e-mailed.


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