Here you can find all our products. All these programs are made with Visual Basic 5.0. I've also used for some programs the Toolbar control of Visual Basic 6.0, because it's better than the VB5 one.

To use our programs your computer must have installed the Visual Basic 5.0 runtimes, and if needed also the Visual Basic 6.0 runtimes. Maube you've those packages already installed on your pc, because a lot of programs uses them. Try at first to download the program, and if it doesn't run, giving an error wich implies "*.ocx" or "MSVBVM50" or "MSVBVM60" then download those packages.

Visual Basic 5 Runtimes
1.030 KB
  VB 5 Runtimes (SP2)
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes
1.330 KB
  VB 6 Runtimes
VB5 VeryCommonDLLs
426 KB
  VB 5 Runtimes
Common Dialog DLLs
148 KB


Genius at Work

Well, at this time I'm working on a lot fo stuffs, and the time is not enough for all, so I gotta make some priorities. Here is what I'm working on:

Mercury v1

This is a powerful tool, that allows the user to move windows, move the mouse cursor, generate keyboard and mouse events automatically when a specified window appears. This is a project that merges NagBlast v2 and Leaf winKeeper, plus a new tool (mouse moving/generating clicks).

An Alpha release is ready, it works perfectly, but there should be more bugs than on a final release and the user interface is a little dull.

Download Mercury Alpha Now.

AlphaScript v2

Since DOS I've been working with scripts (batch files). In window I wanted to design a new one. The version 1 was based on a simple engine, that was more than 10 times less powerful (and slower) than the one within version 2. But this new engine has some problems executing some kind of scripts (long scripts with some nested IFs). Damn!

I should also make new versions of TaskMan, @'clock, Registry Engineer, BlueShadow and InfoBook. But you'll understand that I don't have time to do all the work above...... in no way I could do also this! ...if only a good VB programmer wants to help me....


Products Classes

We've divided our softwares into three classes, our best products are in the first class, this means that they're very user friendly, useful, and also powerful. The last class programs are very simple, or less user friendly, even if they're useful.

Class A Class B Class C

NagBlast v3
Windows Killer

AlphaScript v2
Scripting Tool

InfoBook v3
Texts Manager

Leaf winKeeper v1
Windows Placer

StormView v1
Image Viewer

Enchanted Toolbar v2
Power Toolbar

DeepLinker v1
System Dir Creator

Registry Engineer v1
Registry Tool

@'clock v1
Skinnable Clock

TaskMan v1
Task Manager

RebIC v1
Icons Tool

IridiumBlue v1
Read-only media shell


User's Page

If you're using one of my programs and you did something interesting with them, just send me the files, with a short description, and I'll put them online on my User's Page. Thanks to all that sent me something!



NagBlast v3.00.0000 (Beta) Date 1/9/99
Size 211 Kb
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This is a really useful program for all the users that are annoyed by all those unwanted windows that appears on your desktop, like internet banners and nag screens.
NagBlast can check for all those windows and it closes them allowing you to continue your work.

NagBlast v3 works fine under Windows 9x / ME / 2000.

NagBlast is still a beta because it hasn't been tested completely yet.

This software on NoNags has taken 6/6 and HOT. Visit NoNags!

Installation INF included (doesn't work on WinNT).
This is a smaller freeware version of BuzOff, winner of the award.


AlphaScript v2.00.0004 Date 31/7/00
Size 99,4 KB
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This is a small scripting program that allows you to automate a lot of tasks. We are still adding functions to the script so if you need something just ask us and we'll do what we can.
Supports these commands: IF expressions, registry editing, file read/write, listing items and a lot more.

Version 2 is now a lot faster than v1.01.

Thanks to Richard Browne for the math evaluation code used in the !let function.

We're also working on:, improved if.


InfoBook v3.01.0025 Date 16/12/99
Size 59,2 KB
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This program has been designed to keep a library of a large amount of text files, placed in different folders.
The InfoBook window contains two list, the first contains all the folders memorized and the second one contains all the text files within the folder.

This program loads files (InfoBook, *.IB) that contains all the infos about the folders ,where they are placed and the InfoBook internal name.

The maximum number of Folders is 30 but you can create an unlimited number of text files.

Supports AlphaScripts and has an internal Encoding system.

Requires Visual Basic 6 Runtimes,because I've used a lot of VB6 controls (like the toolbar and the textbox)


Leaf winKeeper v1.00.0004 Date 30/11/99
Size 45,9 KB
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This program allows you to place a window with the specified title in the choosen position every time you open it. It's a very useful feature used with Internet Explorer for example, because it starts everytime where it wants.

A short description for a really useful program. Maybe in the future I'll inglobate NagBlast into this program (I prefer "Leaf" as name....)


StormView v1.03.0017 Date 11/1/00
Size 19,0 KB
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A simple image viewer. This program is made to substitute windows' QuickView (ita: Anteprima), but only for the images. Support BMP, DIB, GIF, JPG, WMF. Very small. You have displayed the resolution and you can resize the image how you want, now you can also copy the image in the clipboard. Keep it on your desktop!!!!
Now comes with a slideshow mode and you can also set the desktop wallpaper directly inside the program!


Enchanted Toolbar v2.00.0003 Date 11/4/00
Size 99,1 KB
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A toolbar, more than a toolbar. The only way to understand all its features is to give it a try.
It's based on the Internet Explorer 5 toolbar (mscomctl.ocx, VB6).

You can place this with or without text, vertical, horizontal, and it has a special auto-hide feature. Supports also: drag'n'drop (execution and button adding), 100 and more toolbars, file copy (for folders), customizable toolbar icon, and a lot more! Give it a try!

This toolbar covers a large range of needs, giving all the enhancements that everyone wanted!! I've missed one? Mail me!

Requires also the Visual Basic 6 Runtimes, because I've used some VB6 controls.


DeepLinker v1.00.0000 Date 1/9/99
Size 29,5 KB
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What's this? Well, it's a small registry tweaking program that allows you to make a new system folder or a new system linked program.

For example with this you can have a new icon in the "My Computer" system folder called "My Stuffs". When you double-click on it you open you own folder, if you right click then you cna launch your Interne Browser or anything else! Try!!!

Not yet implemented: drag'n'drop.


Registry Engineer v1.00.0003 Date 5/6/99
Size 35,9 KB
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A powerful tool to edit the registry. No more long searches down the registry. Just find the key one time and then insert it in Registry Engineer and it allows you to change the value of that key everytime you need.

The package needs also the lastest version of the Common Dialog Runtimes (148 KB) (comdlg32.dll and ocx) placed in thw Win/System dir.This is an Italian release.


@'clock v1.00.0000 Date 1/9/99
Size 185 KB
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A skinnable clock with hour signal and alarm.
Displays also the current time zone, the day of the week and the time elapsed from the Windows logon.

There are also two skins (plus than the standard one).


TaskMan v1.03.0012 Date 9/6/99
Size 15,6 KB
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This is a powerful task killer. TaskMan is better that Windows' TaskManager because it has two killing methods, one based on the executables which are running and the other on the windows (visible and invisible) that are active.
Now more powerful on locked apps.


IridiumBlue v1.00.0006 Date 2/4/01
Size 50,9 KB
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This is a small utility made to be placed as an autoplay program for your home made CD, or any other read-only media.
Nice graphics. It reads its infos from a file, created by the user.
In the future youll be able to skin this little shell.


RebIC v1.00.0000 Date 17/12/98
Size 8,34 KB
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A very small icon cache rebuilder. Just launch it, wait a few seconds, and the icons are rebuilt. Thanks to Giovanni La Sala. He made a great freeware program to change all the system icons, plus (Win98 only) changing the icons for the desired folders. Great!


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