Seduces Me


1. Intense, driving, overmastering feeling. 2. Ardent Affection, love. 3. Intense feeling, sexual desire. 4. Strong anger.

All poems are written by Colleeng

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  • Night Passions

  • Moonlight
  • Dream of Passion
  • In The Night
  • The Shower
  • Missing You
  • In The Darkness
  • Dark Passions
  • Heart Break
  • Healing Love
  • Love Breaks
  • Warming Glow
  • Illuisons
  • Golden Sun
  • Dream Lover
  • Midnight Fantasies
  • Look Closely
  • Tossed Aside
  • Deep In My Heart
  • Soft Touches
  • Alone In The Dark
  • Wrong
  • Whispers
  • The Gift
  • Living In Fear
  • Body And Soul
  • Passion Rare
  • Deep Within
  • Rocky Shores
  • Sheltering Arms
  • Midnight
  • Across the Distance
  • Falling Rain

  • Night Passions
    Bodies stirring in the soft moonlight
    Slowly waking us to passions rising.
    Hot wet kisses trailing slowly downward
    Filling us with desires yet unfulfilled.
    Soft moans rising to fill the night air
    Signaling the need for sweet release.
    Our bodies sliding together becoming one
    You fill me with the heat of the coming dawn.
    My softness grasping to hold the heat of you.
    Our cries fill the dawning sky with need
    Straining for release that waits for us.
    Riding that sharp sweet edge of desire that
    That borders between pleasure and pain.
    Till our bodies can hold no longer and
    We tumble into completion together.
    Trembling in the afterglow of sated desires
    We hold each other in the soft dawning.
    Safe in knowing that each night will
    Find us stirring again in the soft moonlight.
    Moonlight spills across my bed
    Lighting your sleeping face.
    Reveling not a hint
    Of  passion spent.
    Our bodies sated, rested.
    My passion now an ember glowing
    Ready to flame anew
    At a single touch from you.
    Waking in the moonlight,
    Reaching out to touch me,
    Fanning glowing embers anew
    At a single touch from you.
    Eyes closing, savoring the heat
    Of passion rising.
    Sweet passion fills me
    Till I tremble and shake.
    We come together in the moonlight
    Spotlighted by it's gentle glow.
    Our bodies afire with desire,
    You fill me, pushing the flames higher
    Sliding home, deep with in me.
    Touching the very soul of me.
    We come together, rushing to fulfillment.
    One being, one heart beating.
    Moonlight covers us as we climb higher
    The peak is ever closer
    Till with a sudden rush
    We find our sweet release.
    Entwined in each others arms
    The moonlight falls on sated loves.

    I feel your weight atop me,
    Such a sweet feeling.
    I feel your breath hot,
    Upon my flesh.
    Wanting you...
    Needing you...
    Your mouth a sweet caress
    Upon my breast.
    You hands touching
    My soft damp curls.
    Wanting you...
    Needing you...
    Mouths open, pressed together
    Our tongues entwined.
    My legs parting,
    You sliding between.
    Wanting you...
    Needing you...
    I arch up to meet you,
    You thrust home, filling me.
    My legs locked
    Around your waist.
    Wanting you...
    Needing you...
    Passion builds,
    Bodies straining.
    Reaching for release,
    The time is now.
    Wanting you...
    Needing you...
    Sweet fulfillment near,
    The dream shatters.
    Waking to an empty bed,
    You are not here, but still...
    Wanting you...
    Needing you...

    In the Night
    The Night covers me, finding me alone
    I embrace the darkness, waiting...
    My lover comes to me, in the darkness
    Filling my bed, filling my Night.
    In the Night you come to me, softly.
    Finding me willing, wanting you.
    Feeling the heat of our bodies,
    Our hands touching, exploring.
    The Night can not mute my cries
    As you caress me with loving hands.
    My body arching, quivering, shaking,
    The need you build in me all consuming.
    I touch your hardness, in the Night
    Lighting the same needs in you.
    Stroking, touching, caressing
    Our bodies afire in the Night.
    The Night is alight with our passion
    Burning brightly, we reach the heights
    And feel the fire spread out to
    Overtake us in the dark of Night.
    We find our release, in the Night
    Together, so sweet and so right.
    We tremble as we pass the pinnacle,
    Holding on to each other, in the Night.
    Slowly Night releases it's hold..
    The day dawns, chasing Night away.
    You slip from my arms, like the Night,
    Slipping from the room.
    You will return, with the Night.
    To find me waiting, in the dark.
    Our bodies to embrace, out hearts 
    To flame and light the Night.

    The Shower
    Steam fills the room gently
    Filling it with a warm mist.
    I stand beneath the rushing
    Water, head bowed, waiting.
    You will come to me, quietly.
    A parting in the billowing steam
    And you are here, behind me.
    Your body pressed to mine,
    I lift my head to the rushing 
    Water, feeling it flow over me.
    It flows down, over my breasts
    Held cupped in your hands.
    Your lips on my neck, licking,
    Lapping the wetness there.
    My eyes closing in desire.
    Your hands moving, drifting down
    To find my own warm moist place.
    Touching, feeling, probing me.
    Your hardness, pressed to me
    Ready to fill with your heat.
    Slowly, slowly I turn to face you
    Finding in the depths of your eyes
    A passion so deep and loving that
    I gaze into your very soul.
    Seeing two as they become one.
    I touch your body with my lips
    Trailing sweet kisses down ,
    Slowly sinking to my knees 
    Kissing you softly, gently.
    My lips taking you to the brink.
    You lift me to meet your sweet lips.
    Held tight in your strong arms
    I lift one leg to twine around you.
    We come together, our sighs
    Mingling with the warm steam.
    Flowing together like water,
    Hot..wet...slick...rushing water.
    Our bodies becoming one,
    Moving together, rushing to
    Find our own sweet release.
    It comes, suddenly, filling us.
    We trimble with the force  of it,
    Nearly going to our knees with it
    Crying out to each other in passion.
    Holding each other close.
    Steam fills the room gently
    As, sated, we let the warm 
    Rushing water ease our bodies.
    Clinging closely to each other
    In the billowing clouds of steam.

      Missing You
    Deep in the darkest part of night
    I reach for you with aching arms.
    Finding only empty space beside me
    My heart cries out at missing you.
    Deep in the darkest part of night
    I wake alone, to find you gone away.
    I touch your pillow as tears well up
    Reflecting the pain of missing you.
    Deep in the darkest part of night
    My body shakes with need for you.
    My tears flow freely as I lay alone
    In the bed we once shared, missing you.
    Deep in the darkest part of night
    I sleep alone, waiting for your return
    For when you return to be with me.
    My arms will no longer be missing you

    In The Darkness
    In the darkness of our room I lay,
    And wonder if this is the day.
    The day that you say good bye to me,
    To what we have, what we've shared.
    In the darkness of our room I lay,
    And wonder where your love has gone.
    It was so strong I felt it across miles
    Now I feel but a shadow of it left.
    In the darkness of our room I lay,
    And wonder who has taken my place.
    What have I done to turn you away?
    What have I done to hurt this way?
    In the darkness of our room I lay,
    The tears just barely held at bay.
    Till slowly they spill down my face
    Giving witness to the pain.
    In the darkness of our room I lay
    And grieve a love that's drifted away.
    Wishing that I could just fade away.
    In the darkness of our room I lay.

    Dark Passions
    Dark are my passions this night
    My need for you so overwhelming
    I want to take you here and now
    To ride you till the sharp, sweet
    Release comes upon us, filling us.
    Dark are my passions for you this night
    My desires filling me with dark wants
    Wanting you deep inside of me, spilling
    Your very soul at the core of me
    Your body riding mine, taking mine.
    Dark are my passions this night
    With wanting your touch all over me
    Wanting you to fill my dark desires
    As I will fill all those you ask of me
    Give me the sweet pain of release
    Dark is our passion  this night
    Dark desires yet to be fulfilled
    Our deepest, darkest wishes
    Whispered in the darkness of the night
    Dark passions sweeping us away.

    Heart Break
    As I read your words, my heart breaks,
    For to me they signal the end of  us.
    The end of  time spent together as one.
    One mind, one soul, one life, one heart.
    As I read your words, my heart breaks,
    My eyes fill with the tears of my despair.
    The despair of knowing I will be without you,
    Without the sweet touch of your lips to mine.
    As I read your words, my heart breaks,
    For you have chosen a path without me.
    I feel the pain rip deeply though me,
    Tearing my herat into small pieces.
    As I read your words, my heart breaks,
    Knowing that we must end this now.
    For there can only be room for one 
    In your heart, and that one is not to be me.
    As I read your words, my heart breaks,
    Gently folding your letter and holding it close.
    My last link with you, my own true love.
    Head bowed, I read your words, now a part of me.
    As I read your words, my heart breaks,
    I whisper good bye, my love, my heart.
    I wish for you all you want in life,
    And wish that had been a life with me.

        Healing Love
    My heart in limbo, encased in glass
    Slowly bleeding all my love away.
    Waiting for the day that love 
    Finds a way to break the glass.
    And heal my wounded heart.
    A love that has the power to heal,
    The power to make me feel again.
    A love that will be just for me,
    A love I will not have to fear
    Will turn away from me for another.
    Will your love break the glass?
    Freeing my heart for you to heal?
    I yearn to bask in a love of my own,
    A love that is just for me and me alone.
    With your love my heart will heal.
    I give to you , love, my healing heart.
    Hold it close to yours and hear one beat,
    As our hearts become one, bound by love.
    Hold it close, love, care for it carefully
    It belongs to you, as yours belongs to me.

       Love Breaks
    Love breaks in brilliant colors warming my heart
    Shattering the darkness that was deep within.
    Filling it with light and warmth, love and hope.
    Like the light of dawn filling the night sky,
    A love so strong it drives the darkness away
    And in it's place your love comes softly in.
    My body shivers with the feel of your love,
    It aches for the feel of being in your sweet arms.
    My life is not whole without your love to fill it
    My love for you will last a lifetime and beyond.
    Soon our hearts and bodies will be one
    Locked together in the heat and light of our love.
    Love breaks in brilliant colors warming my heart
    Showing me the path to my future happiness.
    Together we will walk hand in hand down that path,
    Filling each other with a love  so right and true.

    Warming Glow
    A gentle kiss wakens me each day
    A soft touch in warm wet places
    Lips melting together in soft kisses
    Chasing the night's darkness away
    A soft moan builds deep between us
    As we feel each others rising passions
    A deep and everlasting heat filling us
    As bodies press close and legs entwine
    Hands moving over flesh grown hot
    Tight with passion's blush of desire
    My hand caressing your hard body
    Your hand caressing my body softly
    Joining two bodies to became one
    Reaching for passions blinding heights
    Climbing ever higher in heated desire
    Till reaching passions hot heights
    Sweet release flows though us deep
    You pouring into me so hot and sweet
    Mine flowing hot and slick over you
    Release easing the urgent need in us
    A need fulfilled each day, each night
    And in the afterglow of such need
    Comes the joy of holding each other
    A warming glow of love to start the day

    With sweet words you lured me to you,
    Words of love deep and never ending.
    A mental picture of a life spent together,
    Nothing but an illusion in my mind.
    With loving words did we build a love.
    Words that had no true meaning in life.
    Words that rang true but were false,
    Nothing but illusions in my mind.
    And with the meeting of  our realities
    Words of that lasting love mean nothing.
    The you I thought I knew is not true 
    Nothing but an illusion in my mind.
    False love hurts as deep as true love
    Wounds cause by being used by you.
    True love is there for me or is it just
    Nothing but an illusion in my mind?

             Golden Sun
    We came together in our pain seeking
    To find a healing love in each other.
    You took me by the hand and lead
    Me to a  meadow lit by a golden sun.
    And there, my love, you touched my soul
    With words of  love whispered in passion.
    Your heated touch wakes a passion deep
    As I give to you my love lit by a golden sun.
    In the meadow I open myself to you, my love
    To renew the spirit that flows within your soul.
    I give to you the essence that is my love as
    We climb into the sky lit by a golden sun
    Passions turn to golden heat deep within us.
    Life flows between us like a molten stream.
    Climbing ever higher to reach our sweet release
    In a meadow that is lit by a golden sun.

          Dream Lover
    Images drift in my mind of you
    A love that is yet to be for me
    Soft words murmured in the night
    Soft touches felt though out the night.
    The lover to fill my dreams.
    Slow deep kisses felt upon my lips
    A burning so real and deep within
    A yearning for a lover's slow hand
    Restless is my need for you this night.
    The lover to fill my dreams
    You come to me deep in the night
    And fill me with your hot hardness.
    Taking me higher with each deep
    Slow thrust into my wet warmth.
    The lover to fill my dreams.
    When the morning light baths me
    Within in a soft and warming light
    I'll wake to find you gone from me
    The night's passion only a memory.
    The lover to fill my dreams.

          Midnight Fantasies
    Midnight fantasies of you fill my nights
    Hot steamy flashes of passions shared.
    Your hot hand upon my bare flesh
    Stroking deep fires to flame ever higher.
    Midnight fantasies of desires yet to fill
    Yearnings deep inside aching for release.
    Your touch upon my breast brings sighs
    Hard hands touch my quivering thighs.
    Midnight fantasies of bodies pressed close
    Mouths locked together in heated passion.
    Souls soaring higher with each  slow touch
    As our passions burn away all known restraints.
    Midnight fantasies of you sliding deep within
    To fill me to the very core with  hot desire.
    Bodies locked in an ageless erotic dance 
    Sending pleasure surging ever higher.
    Midnight fantasies of shared, sweet release
    Of bodies hot and slick with passion.
    Two lovers coming together, sated and filled
    With a midnight's fantasy  of glowing passion.

               Look Closely  
    You came into my heart and filled it with love
    You came into my bed and filled it with passion.
    You came into my life and filled it with your light
    You came into my mind and filled it thoughts of you.
    You say you want to love me,
    Check your heart, you'll find
    That love was already there.
    You say now that I am everything you want.
    You say now that something is missing
    You say now that you may find it out there
    You say now that I should not hold a touch.
    I say that I love you and always will
    I say I'll be here, waiting for you
    When the time is right for us.
    I believe that our time together is not yet done
    I believe that our hearts will still become one.
    I believe that we do indeed share our love
    I believe that you will find what you need in me.
    Look closely at what love means
    To you and I think you'll find
    That it means what you feel for me.

    Tossed Aside
    I gave my heart into your hands with all the love I had
    You took from me all the love I had to give to you.
    We held each other close within loving arms
    In the warmth of your arms I felt golden peace.
    In the sweetness of your words I believed
    You tore my heart apart
    Threw away what we had
    Tossed aside what we shared
    Before we really knew what we had.
    You told me things in the night that I thought were true
    Then you left me one night and never came back.
    You told me that you didn't think it would work.
    You never gave us a chance to see if it would
    And in your words my world collapsed.
    You tore my heart apart
    Threw away what we had
    Tossed aside what we shared
    Before we really knew what we had.
    And now I'm left in pieces with my bleeding heart
    Trying to understand what happened to the love
    That I felt was there within the hearts of both of us.
    Someday in the future we may come together again 
    I hope and pray  it's not to late for us to love again.

    Deep in my heart rests the dream of us
    Hidden there from the harsh light of day.
    A foolish dream of us yet being as one
    Or so some would look and would say.
    Deep in my heart the memories play
    Like shadows on the sunlight wall.
    Memories of all the time we spent
    Entwined in each others loving arms.
    Deep in my heart I weep for what was
    And dream of what yet might be for us.
    A future of us growing old together
    In the golden sunset of shared lives.
    Deep in my heart I hold this dream
    Knowing that the dream is but my own.
    Knowing not if you are sharing this dream
    Within the deepness of your beating heart.

     Soft Touches
    Warm hard hands softly caressing me
    Slowly stroking over warming flesh.
    Touching secret places only you know
    Spreading your heat though the core of me
    Soft touches finding the heart of me.
    Warm palm pressed tightly to my breast
    Feeling the racing, beating of my heart.
    My breathless gasps of pleasure
    Filling the hot sultry night surrounding us.
    Soft touches finding the heart of me.
    A hot wet mouth that trials sparks of fire
    Down  my flushed, quivering soft body.
    Moans of erotic pleasure filling the air
    As your hot wet mouth reaches the core
    Soft touches finding the heart of me
    Sharp, sweet release flows though me
    Your name a scream of passion on my lips.
    Slowly you mouth moves to cover mine
    Warm hard hand strokes gently over me
    Soft touches finding the heart of me.

    Alone In The Dark
    Alone in the dark I lay in my bed missing the feel of you Remembering the words we spoke of truth between us Words of our true feelings and changes between us Alone in the dark I wonder where I stand with you Alone in the dark is what Im feeling right now Wondering if your feelings for me have changed Faded, and leaving you looking for another Alone in the dark I ache for the feel of your touch Alone in the dark I think of the wonder of our meeting Of your voice a sweet whisper in the dark of night Missing the time we use to spend together talking Alone in the dark wanting that time with you again Alone in the dark afraid to think of coming to you Not wanting the fates to snatch precious time from us Wanting you till it hurts and having you want me Alone in the dark crying silent tears of need Alone in the dark wondering what the future holds Knowing that no matter what the costs are to me You my love, my heart, are worth everything to me Alone in the dark I wait for you to tell what you want of me CG

    I felt such a warm closeness to you I thought that we knew each other. I thought you knew I'd never hurt you, Never betray us to the world. I thought wrong. And now we are torn apart by words. I thought we understood each other. I thought we would share adventures And be there for each other. I thought wrong. Words that filled my heart with sadness. I thought we were friends in many ways. I thought we had many days and nights to become close friends. I thought wrong.

    In the lonely darkness of my bed Husky whispers echo in my soul Filling me with a deep longing For your hot sweet touch. Whispers telling of long hot nights Filled with hot burning passions Lovers coming together in wanting Pushing each other ever higher. Lovers entwined together in need Your hot hard weight atop me My body opening to take you Deep within my hot wetness. Need raging though us endlessly Till finally we scream our release Slowly falling in to each other Holding each within trembling arms. Slipping into soft sated sleep as one To wake in the gentle morning light And make soft love in the quiet Morning light of the dawning day.

    The Gift
    My hands reaching out to touch you Stroking over flesh grown hot and hard. Feeling the pulsing of you in my hand Pumping slowly down the length of you Till you quiver in deepening passion. Slowly I lower my head to your hardness My tongue flicking just the head of you Tasting the sweet drops gathered there My lips cover you sucking you slowly Within my hot wet loving mouth. Moving up and down the hardness of you Feeling you swell even harder deep inside Your cries of passion fill the night air As you thrust deeper still within my mouth Rising up off bed with the pull of my mouth. My name a moan upon your lips as with The force of long need you erupt within My gasping mouth your juices filling Me full as I taste all that you give to me. Sucking till there is nothing left to give I raise my head to look into your burning Eyes and slowly lick my swollen red lips Catching any stray drop that clings there Saying in soft words my Gift to you, my Love.

    Living in Fear
    Living in fear the phone will ring And it'll be my love telling me That his love for another is real. Telling me time to step back Out of each others lives forever. Living in fear that the phone won't ring My love moved on without telling me That all his love for me has died. Not telling me time to step back Out of each others lives forever. Living in fear the phone will ring And I won't be here to answer it To hear the words of his love for me. Telling me time to step forward Into each others lives forever. Living in fear of a ringing phone Waiting to hear of a whispered voice Wondering if I've played the fool Now stepping back out of his life And stepping forward into my lonely life.

    Body And Soul
    Sweetly I surrender my self Into your strong dark hands Trusting you with both my Body and my soul Slowly you show the way To find fulfillment deep within Opening my mind and body To both passion and lust Stroking the desire to learn More about my wants, my needs As you show the ways to fill you Both body and soul And within our deepest exploring With soft touches of hands and lips Well find within each other a Need fulfilled, both body and soul.

    Passion Rare
    In the darkness of the night
    You come to me with your desires.
    My arms open to your hardness
    You slid your hot body next to me.
    Lightly stroking my soft body
    Till the heat of passion fills it.
    Under the darkness of the night
    Our hands caress each other
    My hand sliding down, finding you
    Your hands seeking the sercert
    Places that make me moan with
    A heated pleasure so deep within.
    In the darkness of the night
    The scent of our passion fills the air.
    Our bodies seeking to become one
    Probing, thrusting, filling 
    Seeking the sweetest of releases.
    Desires burring hot between us.
    Under the darkness of the night
    Our passion rises ever higher.
    Bodies locked in erotic embrace,
    We reach that peak that we both seek
    A rush of hot warmth filling me
    As we share a passion so rare.

    Deep Within
    Deep within the very heart of me
    There is a place where you belong.
    With each caress of you warm hand,
    Each soft sweet smile you smile
    You fill me a little more each day.
    Deep within the very heart of me
    There is a place where you belong.
    Each time you whisper my name 
    Each time you lovingly hold me close
    You fill me a little more each day.
    Deep within the very heart of me
    There is a place where you belong.
    Each day that you're away from me
    Each mile that comes between us
    Leaves an aching within the heart of me.
    Deep within the very heart of me
    There is a place where you belong.
    Feeling so lost without you near me
    Knowing soon you will return to me.
    To the place deep within where you belong.

    Rocky Shores
    Standing on the rocky shore of life
    Watching and waiting breathlessly
    For the tide of emotions to sweep
    Me away back to when I would
    Willing drown in my feelings for you.
    Standing on the rocky shore knowing
    The pain I willing opened myself up for
    Yet unable to move back to safety
    Afraid of not knowing one last time
    The feel of you holding me so close.
    Standing on the rocky shore feelings
    Rushing over me pulling me deep into
    A sea of swirling emotions I thought
    Gone cutting the ground from under me
    Threatening to overwhelm me and drown me.
    Standing on the rocky shore waiting quietly
    Arms ready to pull me back from the abyss
    Reaching out to enfold me and hold me
    Bring me back to the safety of strong arms
    And the shelter of his warm caring heart.
    Standing on the rocky shore safely held
    Feeling the tide of emotions receding
    Knowing that tide will return again to 
    Sweep over me but safe I'll be held within
    My lover's strong and caring arms always.

    Sheltering Arms
    You were there for me in the darkness
    Holding me close within loving arms.
    Filling me with your warmth and hope.
    Now I hold you close within sheltering arms
    I will be here for you always love
    In the times of despair and darkness.
    Filling you with the light of love
    And holding you close within sheltering arms.
    If you should need me I will be here
    Just a touch away with warm loving arms
    And soft whispered words of loving care
    And I'll hold you close within sheltering arms.

    Midnight doubts startle me awake
    Fears racing though my sleepy mind.
    Do I foolishly trust you with my heart?
    Do I believe your sweetly whispered words?
    Midnight doubts sending me into tears.
    Midnight doubts filling me with fear
    Wondering if your words of love are for me
    Or are they really for another far away?
    Am I really the one you want to go though life with?
    Midnight doubts sending deep shivers to my soul.
    Midnight doubts slowly fading with the dawn
    Replaced with the warmth of words echoing
    Within my mind and filling my heart with love.
    Memories of your sweet embrace and loving touch.
    Midnight doubts replaced with shivers of desire.
    Midnight doubts becoming midday reflections
    Realization that my trust, my love is valid
    That you do hold my heart close to you as I hold yours
    Knowing one day we'll walk hand in hand and
    Midnight passions will be what wakes me in the night.

    Across the Distance
    You reach out across the distance to touch me
    My body even now growing hot, wet with desire.
    My heartbeat quickening with the shared memories
    Of bodies rushing to come together in heated passion.
    Your hardness finding and filling my soft wetness
    Across the distance soft moans of shared passions flow
    Fanning the fires we feel ever higher into the night.
    Wanting to feel our quivering bodies becoming one
    Needing to feel you hard and deep within me.
    Taking me and making me yours in every way.
    Across the distance the passion builds within us
    Both rushing to find that sweet release we always find.
    Your body stroking deeper harder faster within mine
    Our cries growing louder as the peak floods though us.
    The warm moist air about us scented with our lust.
    Across the distance we reach to hold each other close
    Arms seeking the warmth of sated breathless bodies.
    Finding only the cool air of reality within our grasp
    But knowing that soon the warmth will be real for us.
    Closing the distance between us for a lifetime together.

    Falling Rain
    Rain falling outside our window
    Wakes me in the darkness of the night
    Soft chills shivering though my body 
    Seeking the warmth of your body next to mine.
    You turn and wrap yourself around me
    Pulling me close to warm me with your heat
    Soft chills shivering though my body
    Seeking the feel of your arms around me.
    Our legs entangled holding each other close
    Our lips a kiss away from each other
    Soft sighs spill from our parted lips
    Seeking the warmth of soft kisses in the night.
    Rain falling outside our window
    As we drift back into sleep together
    Soft touches sending warming heat though us
    Seeking the peace of each other in the rainy night.

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