Religion For Everyone

Something for the Metaphyscially Challenged(tm) in us all!

You feeling low. You're unsure about your Metaphysical outlook.

Try these pages and see if things are bit more Rosy afterwards.

First we'll try the most popular brand of of religion in the most popular flavor. Roman Catholicism! Then we'll move to the favorite god of contracts(most approppriate for the U.S.), Mithra! Then next if your a bit tired of this diety shit but still feelin' a bit Metaphysically Challenged(tm) try Buddhism in my favorite variety Thervadian. How 'bout we get rid all this Metaphysical bull and find some athieistic fun. How about try the cheap fast food nihilism of Satanism. Feelin' entropic, try the Eris, our favorite goddess of Chaos, She beats to crap out Kali! Have fun boys and Girls!

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The Discordians
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