Who's Who?

'(insert quoteable quote here)' Peter Kruchowski, Who's Who?, 1997

Erik "Grotto" Kozieja

Erik, one time drummer for the punk band the Rugburns. He's moved onto the trumpet and gave a Ska zing to the often jazzy, Metaphysically Challenged.

Peter Kruchowski

I remeber Peter when was in the thrash metal band Potter's Field. He rocked then then but has blossomed as a musician in the Metaphysically Challenged. He's picked up the bass since then and showed amazing array vocal styles and range that couldn't do in Potter's Field. This man has major pipes goin' for him. I really must say this comrad commie is my favorite singer.

Dustin Knauff

Appearing as a shadow from the rain at the Grey Room, on amauter night, Playing a freaky energetic version of Pink Floyd's "Fat Old Sun". Discovered by Peter and the now departed, Jeremey Williams. Peter and Jeremy were a bit disgruntled with Potter's Field and saw him as the missing puzzle piece in the newly formed trio; the dawn of the Metaphysically Challenged. His dynaism has stained the stage with his presence. This commie's is a guitar is always reachin' for the greenline!

Anton Kozieja

Tom Bombadill & Treebeards, A J.R.R. Tolkien coverband, known for they're heavy industrial wood wind sound. They heard playing a rendition of farewell Boromir. They so impressed by this two man

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