Backstreet Secrets


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Ok, here's the story. It's a short one, nothing much happens in it. And you're probably wondering why it took me so long before I put it, since it's so short. It was supposed to be a very important story, but I had to change it a bit. Why? Ok, follow me closely.

Birth Of A Band takes place in August 1997. While I was writting it, I realized there was a mistake in my storyline. See, there's a flashback in the 17th episode. That flashback is giving me a hard time to plan. I can't change its time, it's supposed to happen between November 1997 and May 1998. So, I was writting Birth Of A Band and came to a point where something was supposed to happen AFTER May 98. Still following me?

So, I started to write Can't Trust Anybody, thinking of putting it before Birth Of A Band. But then I realize I couldn't push back Birth Of A Band because it HAS to begin in August 97. Lost yet?

So, to sum it up, some events in Birth Of A Band are supposed to happen in August 97, other events have to happen after May 98. After pulling my hair out for two days, I decided to split Birth Of A Band in two different episodes, the first one being the one you're about to read, the second one happenning in August 98 and being called My Favorite Secret. Somewhere in the middle will occur the events of Can't Trust Anybody and the flashback from The Roof. (And you'll only know what will happen in that one in the 17th episode, so be patient!)

Did I get you mixed up? I tried to explain it has clearly has possible, but it's hard without giving away the story. I think at some point while I was writting the story I even managed to confused myself. I guess shouldn't have planned so precisely when and where the events will occur.

I think way too much.

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