Backstreet Secrets


(1) The Meeting
Lauren, Cindy, Rachel and Karen are hired by the Backstreet Boys to do their official newsletter and website. Everyone gets along great, except Nick and Lauren who can't stand each other. Brian and Lauren, on the other hand, become great friends.

(2) Labyrinth Of Fears
The Backstreet Boys come to visit the girls at the magazine's headquarters, but a power outage locks all nine of them in a small room. They try to go out by all means. While exploring the building, which turns out to be in pretty bad shape, the floor cracks under Nick's feet and he falls down. Lauren catches him and saves his life. Needless to say that he doesn't hate her as much afterwards.

(3) Birth Of A Band
Lauren is able to get her grandparents' beach house to herself and invites Nick, Cindy and Brian. Lauren and Cindy sing as they prepare dinner, and jokingly the boys say that they should start their own band. So they do, and Rachel and Karen join in.

(4) Can't Trust Anybody
The Backstreet Boys hired two new bodyguards, Liam and Greg. One night, Liam goes in Brian's room and rapes him. As time goes by this become more and more frequent and unbearable for Brian. He decides to write a letter to Nick, explaining what's happening and asking for his help. Nick does something, and Liam is arrested. But Liam has a friend in the BSB crew who's interested in Nick. Fortunately, Nick doesn't get hurt.

(5) My Favorite Secret
Lauren, Cindy, Karen and Rachel have they own band for about a year now and it's called "Secrets". The Backstreet Boys don't know about it. The band is taking a lot of time from Secrets and they stopping calling the Boys, which makes Nick pretty mad because he doesn't have a clue why his friends stopped calling him. Secrets surprises the BSB by showing up on stage as their opening act. After their show, three of them get on stage to dance with the Backstreet Boys to "I'll Never Break Your Heart". Lauren dances with Nick, and he starts to fall in love with her.

(6) Don't Cry Fallen Angel
Everybody has a bad feeling about Matty, Lauren's boyfriend. But since she looks happy with him, nobody mentions it. But Matty is violent and controling. His throws jealousy fits and hits Lauren. She finally decides to leave him one night and, scared, runs to Nick. He lets her spend the night in his room and after an argument about who'll sleep on the couch, they both sleep in th bed. Matty now hates both of them, and when he tries to hit Lauren, Nick defends her. Matty goes away but later he attacks Nick, wounding him on the head. Nick falls into a coma. Lauren's devasted, she thinks it's all her fault.

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