The Finale Credits

Well after you have seen my homepage, I would like to now thank all of the people that made this possible. These are people that I didn't meet on the internet(although I might mentione a couple from the net), but I think would deserve some attention here.

Ten Foward, from Net Central

Courtney Punton, My wife.
My beloved Queen for I so hold dear, who has rebuilt my heart and gave me hope in the world!

Alex and Kathryn Punton, My parents.
Without them, they're wouldn't be yours truly!

Scott,My Brother
The only Sibling that I ever had. Thanks Bro!

Gus Anderson
He taught my father everything he knows and helped me through life as well.

Ryan Nelson - A nearby friend.
He is a very Interesting and humorous friend. Ryan got me interested in Nintendo and all other events. He's available ladies! *giggles* Just kidding!!

Pride Lands, TLK Muck

The People at Geocities who gave me the server space to make this homepage.

Valley City State University-They Supplied the Laptops for me to get on the internet.

My Friends from both High School and College of Valley City.
Thanks for your support of my homepage and anything else I haven't mentioned. *smiles*

WBS ,Net Central and Webffx two wonderful Chat sites that helped me find all of my wonderful friends!

The Realm of Elahrair, IFC

All of my Friends on the Internet
Thanks for your love, help and caring!

Star Fox 64 Sim

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