I Roar, Therefore I am.

Lion Lord

Ah, so you are Thomas's friend I see. Well, its certainly a pleasure to meet you. Come, sit down and I shall tell you about myself.

You see, I was dropped off in the forest by my parents when I was 10 or so. The reason they did that was still unknown to me. As the years passed, so did my traing in living in the wild, and talking with the animals. That wasn't enuff for me. I knew that I needed to get back into civilization somehow. A chance of hope!

Well, one day, an exstrodinary thing happened! I was visited by a Spirit of an African Shaman by the name of Muchaka. He saw my sadness and decided to help. He gave me the magical powers of the animals. I could run fast like a Cheetah, have the strength of an Elephant, etc. I could also change into the animals with the greatest of ease.

My newfound powers have helped saved the world lots of times! Eventually, I came apon a Realm by the name of Elahrair where I met all of These friends of mine and finally got the respect I deserved after all of these years.

As you well enough know, I finally met up with my parents Mary and Scott Mehaan. They told me what they were doing all this time and I was greatly suprised! They are part of a group of four wise people(Mary on the right, Scott on the far Left).

Crystalis Sword These four gave me the Crystalis Sword to defeat a villian by the name of Dragonia who was using a floating Palace to spread his evil. Also, they were the ones that taught Muchaka to be the Spirit of an African Shaman that he is! This easily explains how my parents were able to find me so easily and the best fact that they cared for me even though they weren't with me....

In case of Dragonia's return, I have been a realm called Ancient Greece where a creature called a Satyr by the name of Phil has been teaching me to become a great warrior. There I got to meet the great Hercules. Down below you'll see where you can contact Phil himself. :)

I've also have made a remarkable discovery! Have you ever read "The Cronicles of Narnia"? Well with the help of my ship the "Asia Minor", I have found this realm and it truly does exist! And I have met the very High King Peter, his friends and also the great Lion Aslan who had slain the White Witch long ago. Narnia was a remarkable book series I grew up as a child and its so wonderful to see it in its true form!

The Narnian Psycho Shield With that in mind, I also wanted to tell that I was knighted there and now in Narnia, I am Sir Lion Lord of the court. The High King Peter saw my amazing abilities in a battle they were in with some pirates and Peter had deemed me worthy of knighthood! He also put the crest on my Psycho Shield as well! *smiles*

But as every warrior has in their life, gets a curveball. After leaving Narnia, my ship the Asia Minor hit a dark magical rift and crashed into an unknown land at a nearby a town named Leinster. After asking around I was in a place called, "The Realm".
After a day or so I was befrended a Klan called the Barbarians and thanks to Lady Morgen and Skyebird, they welcomed me into the Klan and are helping me get enough magical power and skill to hopefully get back, their link to their Klan is below.

Finally the time came with using a group of Duach Crystals to repower the Asia Minor I finally got home and things were peaceful, with just my family remains I lived a relaxful life, but then suddenly I heard a loud scream for help! Instantly I went to see the danger only to see a woman of 40ft tall in danger! Some men were trying to harm her for something she didn't do. After scaring them off and freeing her, she was a gentile giantess named Kitara who had lost her clan many moons ago, I have fallen in deep love with her, albeit I was nervous at first, but now we are having great adventures together on finding who destroyed her clan.

Well, you probally have some things to do. Take care and I hope you can come back and visit me soon! *Big Lion Hugs*

My Favorite Lands that I have been to.

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