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So, you are the human that has come to hear the story about me huh? Well you have come to the right place. *smiles* I was a cute little Baboon that grew up in my Baboon Homelands, a place where all (Mandrill) Baboons are suspected to all come from. I was in a family of four with one younger sister. In case you are wondering how old I am, I am 1 year older than Mufasa.

Well after a year or so I heard about the opportunites of being a shaman. Especially at a place called "The Pride Lands". My parents and my sister were happy that I was ready to make a living at such an early age. Thus I left my family and went on the long journey to the Pride Lands.

Eventually, I met up with Rafiki. The greatest Mystic Baboon that there ever is. He taught me hand and opposible thumb on how it was to be a mystic. Days turned into Months. Months turned into years. Luckily to me, I was able to use my new abilites when word got out that the lion Mufasa was to become the new king of the Pride Lands as was to have her mate Sarabi, to give birth to a Lion cub prince by the name of Simba.

Then my ultimate test came along. The big day every animal was waiting for, Mufasa's son Simba was to be ointed as the future ruler of the Pride Lands. Rafiki got me in charge of making sure that everthing was in order around Pride Rock and that no animal got a bad seat. Now, you don't see me in the Movie because the Camera man wasn't working with us. *giggles* Anyway, I got a nice seat near the front and watched my great role model Rafiki hold little baby Simba high in the air. Although what really puzzles me was that Mufasa's brother, Scar didn't show up. There's something about that Lion that I don't like. *smiles* Oh well!

Although there was finally some happiness in the Pride Lands, mine got a turn for the worse. After Simba's Annointment, I found word that my parents have died from natural causes. So, I left the lands where my life was taught and returned to my homelands to comfort my sister and the rest of my relatives. After a year or so, I summoned enuff courage and returned to the Pride Lands and restarted my life again. Now I am a wize shaman, got lots of friends and I am really happy.

I also have had a major taste of love. I finally met up with the Mandrill of my dreams. Her name is Mtanga(homepage is below). Me and her are now together, and we are so ever happy that we are a family now. I'm teaching her to become a great mystic such as myself. She's also given birth to a dear girl by the name of Tetanga so our circle is comeplete. *happy sigh*

Well, I have some things to do for the King. Take care and visit some of my friends. I bet they'll love hearing from you. *Hugs*

Kimba's Lion King Domain.

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