Various songs or out-takes. They're all pretty different from each other so if you don't like one, try another. You'll need an MP3 player, which you can download here. it's small. I wish I had a faster server, but I don't so please be patient. In order to fit everything on here, I had to sacrifice the sound quality quite a bit. So don't be too disappointed if they all sound like crap.


415Kb exe file for Win 95.

This is a nice mp3 player for windows. small, concise, easy to use. If you don't have windows, be proud. you probably already have an mp3 player, too. If not, try


the following 5 songs are all hip hop with me rapping:

965Kb MP3

a song written back when I was a little more political.

1.204Kb MP3

What's music good for anyway?

1.021Kb MP3

I'm glad I have the opportunity to worry about this kinda thing.


972Kb MP3

I finally decided to give in to my darker desires and write a nasty sex song. Not for sensitive ears or those with no sense of irony.

1.186Kb MP3

Me pondering about what time is. I've illustrated the first verse, which you can see under the sight page. This is the mellow, Jazzy version, done together with the Jonas Schoen Sextet, now called Mixed Up.

1.259Kb MP3

Die Patinnen just brought out their new CD, and I got to do a track. this is kind of Drum&Bass/Trip-Hop style.


This is the noise section. Rock on, dude. Generally, there's also Jirko Cassuben, Martin Lehmann Habeck and Harm Hinz, playing something or other.

737Kb MP3

me playing guitar.

1.016Kb MP3

I'm trying to sing and play bass at the same time. This is an incredibly high quality recording, so try to listen to it on a quadrophonic stereo system that cost at least 10,000 dollars.

148Kb MP3

country silliness. not actually Hug Mad, but most of the same members. Luka Rothmann on bass.

187Kb MP3


763Kb MP3

My lovely rendition of the old Frank Sinatra standard. Not for the emotionally weak. This isn't really Hug Mad either. it's me and Ligo, with whom we share a drummer, Harm Hinz.