The Cowshed

Welcome to the Cowshed! The Cowshed is my recording studio, where I pursue my passion for songwriting and try to make what I've written sound half-decent. I have been writing songs for 20 years and I have no commercial ambitions. Then again, if you wish to become rich while I achieve artistic recognition then perhaps we can talk...

Putting songs on the Web is an experiment at this stage.The first problem is... space on a server. Did you know that a 4 minute CD-quality song can occupy 10Mb ? I'm looking into techniques like compression and lower sampling rates to radically reduce this figure...

Because of this problem and because you don't want to spend a long time waiting for a song to download, I'm restricting this to one song only for now - the last song I recorded. It will be good if this develops into an archive as I have forgotten more of my songs than I remember. I may even indulge in the dubious practice of providing a link to the lyrics of the song as I find lyrics hard to remember and they are invariably only written down on some scrap of paper that gets lost.

Pablo's Last Song

Just click on the icon/title to download a file. While I get to grips with the technical stuff, this is an excerpt in .wav format.

'Lady Godiva'

Lady Godiva - excerpt(490K).

Lady Godiva - full version(2MB).

Recorded 8 August 1996 in The Cowshed. Copyright protected.


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