this is me!!

my name is tracy, and I live in corpus christi, texas. NO, I AM NOT A WANKY COWBOY OIL DIGGER. heh heh. my birthday is january 26, 1981, therefore dubbing me an aquarius. I have blonde hair, soemtimes green/sometimes brown eyes, I used to be 55.5 but somehow I have shrunk. no kidding, I am serious. one day I was suddenly 54 then I went down to 52.5 and now I am 51. as of may 10, 1997, i have shrunk AGAIN. this time im only 5'...but i like being short! =) you better watch out, pretty soon you wont even be able to see me!

here is something else i can tell you about me. my personality type is ENTP which stands for extraverted intuitive thinking perceiving. some famous ENTPs include Christopher Columbus, Calvin(from Calvin & Hobbes), Thomas Edison, Bill Cosby, Alfred Hitchcock, ByteBoy (form cafe kyoto and other places), Marilyn Vos Savant (who holds the record for the highest IQ), Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, and Garfield.
so there you have it.

SOME THINGS I LIKE TO DO: watch cartoons, read crazy books, look at art (andy warhol especially!),take pictures, watch cartoons, completely over-analyze everything, and watch cartoons.

if you want to know anything else about me, email me!.
pictures of me!
this is me july '98, its my senior picture for school! HOORAY im finally going to graduate!! WOOHOO!! :) hehehehe

this is another one of my senior pictures, also taken july '98. which one is better??

this was me may 1997 before senior party at school. :) im the girl on the left with blonde hair. the other girl is emily, my friend. :)

this was me in may 1996. im not usually that red. :) by the way, im the one on the bottom. the other two people are edward and maureen. :)

this is me and my friend adam february 1997 before a dance. :)

this was me and shannon before homecoming in september 1996. for some reason i ended up with farmer arms because of the lighting. it makes me mad. oh well. :)

this is the devillish side of me. :) (1997)