these people
(or types of people)
without a doubt, need to be shot.


ALANIS MORRISSETTE (whore-issette)
i have yet to understand why ANYBODY would bother liking this...this...whatever she is. shes not a singer, shes hardly human. i hate her. her lyrics are HORRIBLE. her music is HORRIBLE. her voice is HORRIBLE. everything about her is HORRIBLE. and then the fact that SO MANY people admire her...well...that just makes me hate her more.
she gets 10 rounds (ill try to find the extra long ones) AK47.

again, i do not understand why anybody bothers with them. ive only heard them for about 10 seconds, and that was much too long. this guy scares the crap out of me...he needs serious help. actually, i think (i know) its all a stupid show, a plot for media attention and those STUPID IDIOTIC TEENYBOPPERS that listen to them. and about them....good god, children, PLEASE, get your ears checked.
this freak gets 9 blows to the head with an extra powerful elephant gun.

SELENA and all her stupid FANS
ok, ok, ok...i know shes already dead. (just in case you didnt know, selena was this unknown tejano singer from my city and about a year or two ago she got murdered, and suddenly EVERYBODY worshipped her) theyve COMPLETELY exploited her death. i HATE that. they are building a huge statue in honor of her. they have changed the name of one of the convention centers to SELENA AUDITORIUM. they have put signs up EVERYWHERE "welcome to corpus christi, home of selena"...they have made a movie out of her, her cds are now selling like crazy. next, they will probably re-name our city. "welcome to selenaville, home of the selena statue, selena movie, selena cds, selena t-shirts, selena auditorium, selena gravesite BLAH BLAH BLAH." all this, not to mention the millions of other ways they have exploited her. its crazy. i think they are now deliberating over which blade of grass to name after her.
well...since shes already dead i think ill go easy on her. ill just give all her stupid fans a quick hit with a sledgehammer, right on the head. maybe that will knock some sense into them. oh, and ill bang on her stupid statue a couple of times with my trusty sledgehammer

i know that you all know AT LEAST one of these idiots. these are the geeks that change their personality depending on WHO or WHAT they are around, and they do it CONSTANTLY. not only do they morph, no no! they are also cloners! and these are the worst types! theyve been called everything from wannabes to poseurs, but its all the same. a person trying to be something theyre not. so tie the TWO horrible things into ONE and out comes a MORPHING CLONER! bleh! theyll be a "punk" if theyre around the "punks", theyll be a "prep" if theyre around the preps, theyll be a "gangsta" if theyre around the "gangstas" and so on. these people SUPER DELUXE piss me off!! ESPECIALLY (this, by far, is the worst) if they, dog forbid (yes, i know i said DOG), CLONE TO ME! *bang bang bang*
im not going to shoot them, im going to do something worse! im going to stick them all in a room WITH EACH OTHER! theyll surely go insane! but, if worse comes to worse and they all clone to each other, then ill just leak a little gas through the vents. this horrible type must be stopped--fast!

Lpage guestbook server!!! UGH!
i hate lpage. i have lost 5 freaking guestbooks due to them!! ugh ugh ugh!!!!! ive lost some of my old friends email addresses, i lost somebodys snail mail address (ill NEVER see him again now!) =(, i lost some very important stuff from my boyfriend, and DAMMIT! its a PAIN to register a WHOLE NEW GUESTBOOK! last time they did this i sent them a VERY bitchy letter. maybe i should something really mean! *throws grapefruit*
i think they should go find all my old guestbooks and give them back!! and then ill just...whack them on the head a couple of times.closed-minded people!
idiots. thats all i have to say. idiots.
a hammer. to the head. to break it open.

what can i possibly do to these people besides hit them? or kick them around a little bit...

ok....these are almost exactly like morphing cloners...but i must emphasize how MUCH i hate these idiots.
umm...hmm. im running out of ideas now...hmm. for the rest of them, im not going to give them a rating...unless its something really good.

people who send me chain letters
oh, disgusting. i hate these people. i cannot STAND getting chain letters. not only do they take hours to load, but they also annoy the hell out of everybody who gets them. yuck. i cannot stand these stupid things. ugh.

people who are too fanatic about anything
NASTY!! i hate this!! these are those idiots that either worship baseball so everything they own is baseball related. or they worship some stupid band and wear their damn shirt every day. i especially hate the ones that wear marilyn manson shirts and black eye makeup and black everything everyday and carry around lunchboxes and talk about how terrible life is. UGH how annoooooooying. :) people who are constantly putting on makeup
ok. theres this girl in my art class. i swear to everything she wears at LEAST a pound of makeup everyday. and she has this HAIR that is so damn HARD because of all the stupid hairspray crap she puts in it. it is so nasty. gross. i hate makeup and i hate nasty hair. BLEH.

people who disrespect adults
i cant stand this at all. i hate all these idiots in my classes at school that constantly talk back to the teacher, talk while he/she is talking, or just plain act like a fool. last year this punk gangster in some class i went into hit the teacher because she asked him to please be quiet. i HATE shit like that.

adults who disrespect younger people
this makes me so angry because i am SO polite to adults, and they still find it necessary to treat me like shit. its all those other idiots my age they can pick on. but not me. that really annoys me.

people who have those stupid yellow smiley faces everywhere
ugh. this is so annoying. these idiots wear yellow smiley face shirts, have those stupid yellow smiley faces patched on their backpacks, they draw them everywhere...another thing under this category is PEACE SIGNS. nasty.

BIG HEADED, cocky, arrogant bastards
gross. i think this speaks for itself.

stupid people...~or~...people who pretend to be stupid
i hate all those little girls at school that put on that ditzy little show...its so damn annoying. and everybody that has a brain knows how fake they are.

people who talk about things they know nothing about
again...self explanatory.

immature people
self explanatory... grow up, idiots.

skinny people who complain about being too fat.

fat people who complain about being too fat while eating a box of twinkies.

SOON TO BE FINISHED! =) check back! =)