other junk everywhere

a clown lamp
a head hanging on my light string
my hand made out of wax from the renassance festival
all my cds, records, and tapes
a neat flower thingy I found at a garage sale
this neato mosquito candle holder
some huge scary blue hand from mexico that is holding a head
pillsbury doughboys!!
a tiny tiny log cabin...=)
some candy from my childhood (you know those tiny little milk carton things??)
Bert, Ernie and rubberducky dolls
my cd and record player
lots of old bottles
some very frightening frog passed out at a bar from mexico
SARDINES AND SELENA!!!! ha ha ha ha ha
a sesame street band-aid box
my maniacal demon-posessed doll
a lava lamp
a cookie monster puppet
an OLD rice crispies box
miscellaneous dave barry & far side calender pages everywhere
a cookie monster coat hanger

GOD! your room must be a mess! get me out of this pig sty!