tracy's mr men page!!!!

i love the mr men. i read these books in my childhood. here they are!! :)
mr bounce!
mr bump!
mr chatterbox!
mr clumsy!
mr daydream!
mr dizzy!
mr forgetful!
mr funny!
mr fussy!
mr greedy!
mr grumpy!
mr happy!
mr impossible!
mr jelly!
mr lazy!
mr mean!
mr messy!
mr muddle!
mr noisy!
mr nonsense!
mr nosey!
mr quiet!
mr rush!
mr silly!
mr small!
mr sneeze!
mr snow!
mr strong!
mr tall!
mr tickle!
mr topsy-turvy!
mr uppity!
mr wrong!

those are the only pictures i have, but here are the names to the rest of them!!
mr worry
mr skinny
mr mischief
mr clever
mr busy
mr slow
mr brave
mr grumble
mr perfet
and mr cheerful!