musicians and bands of recommendation

~note~ any with a * by it means that i own one or more of their records...also, these are in absolutely NO order

*the cure
*simon and garfunkel
*indigo girls
*billie holiday
*sublime (whats with them being "cool" now??) *mad*
*the rocky horror picture show soundtrack
*ani difranco
*velvet underground
*smashing pumpkins
*the smiths/morrissey
voodoo glow skulls
*teenage fanclub
*jimmy buffett
*patsy cline
ALMOST ANY classical music (i own a katrillion of them, so i wont get into specifics)
*the cranberries
*juan garcia esquivel
*jane's addiction
*pink floyd
*the doors
*led zeppelin
*red hot chili peppers
*dead milkmen
*beatles (of course, who doesnt?)
*the hair soundtrack
tori amos
*van morrisson
*grateful dead*
*eric clapton/cream/derrek & the dominoes
*bob dylan
*jefferson airplane
*moody blues
*lynrd skynrd (FREE BIRD!) =)
*jethro tull
*clockwork orange soundtrack
*fleetwood mac
*jerry jeff walker
*hank williams sr.
*jim croce
*jewel (i only have boots from shows, records)
*ten years after
*tammy wynette
*neil young
*creedence clearwater revival
the geraldine fibbers
* SOME rolling stones
almost all ska

there are SO many more, but i think youve heard enough...=)

really, all this is great, but take me back!